2Key Listing on Uniswap Enables fees to be earned from Trades


Blockchain technology is disrupting several sectors of our day to day lives, ranging from fintech to supply chain and much more. Blockchain-based solutions have turned out to be more efficient than most other technological innovations; hence, the blockchain trend has garnered a lot of attention.

The digital advertisement sector is one of the upcoming markets for blockchain to disrupt and 2key network is enhancing the space with its smart links.

Built on the Ethereum network, 2key has created a seamless solution that looks to combat centralization in the advertisement field and makes incentivizing easier by integrating smart contracts into HTTP links. Compatible on both Web 2.0 and 3.0, the Smart Link natively tracks who a link has been shared with and, if a link leads to a revenue-driving action, every sharer gets rewarded.

Incentivizing investments

As per a recent announcement, 2key has been listed on decentralized exchange Uniswap on June 15. The token has two liquidity pools – ETH-2KEY and DAI-2KEY, but as of now, liquidity is only being added for the DAI pair. Users can now trade DAI-2key, or earn fees from trades that are executed on the Uniswap pool.

In case of earning fees from trades executed, users need to add to the liquidity of the pool by adding DAI and 2Key. A user’s earning is proportional to the ratio between the amount of liquidity added by the said user and the amount added by other participants in the pool.

For instance, if a user has a 30% share in the pool’s liquidity, the person would be eligible for earning 30% of the total fees collected from the entire pool minus the 0.3% fee taken by the pool contract on every transaction. This gives users the ability to have a secondary stream of income besides trading the token itself.

The fees collected can easily be tracked by creating an account on Uniswap. In order to withdraw the fees earned, users need to withdraw their liquidity as well. If one withdraws a portion of their liquidity, the relevant fees earned will automatically be included in the withdrawal.

2key Network is democratizing distribution of value by enhancing link sharing and referrals, which is a common practice these days. To support network demands, 2key is built on its own second-layer Ethereum solution.

Last month, the company joined hands with Blockchain-crypto digital services provider SparkPoint. 2Key’s smart referral system allows SparkPoint to enhance their PPC campaigns and contribute to the reinventing ways to promote crypto services.

Utilizing PPC SmartLinks, SparkPoint reported over 50% conversion rate between clicks and signups on their platform SparkEarn, paying less than $0.15 USD per signup.

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