An Interview with Michael Nye (Crypto Shill Nye) on the subject of Community


This is the interview with Michael Nye, a Blockchain advocate and Twitter Influencer, taken from the The Importance of Community in Crypto article.

Michael is extremely experienced in the space, having interviewed many projects ranging from startup to firmly established. He also runs his own marketing company, Elevated District , that specialise in bringing social media and community solutions to blockchain startups. He has also just released his new podcast – Evolvement

Michael Nye Interview

“I think community is the most important factor of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Whilst the technology is super cool, relevant and important the fact is community is what brings us all together – it’s what fuels us, what keeps us going in this space. It means everything to me – people coming together to share ideas, feelings and thoughts is what really matters and is what will move the whole space forward. It is entangled and and entwined with progress in the space.

I think what makes a robust Crypto community is people that agree and disagree with each other but do it in a healthy way where they can evolve and step into new thought patterns, ideas and concepts based off of conflict. Right now in our community we have positive and negative conflict, however with positive conflict you can have resolution and evolution.

Personally I just keep talking to people and sharing my thoughts and opinions. I keep doing what I like to do which is creating conversations with people and explore and share ideas.

I believe it is crucial for a project to have a strong community and one that believes in the them beyond the price of the coin. This is what I talk a lot about in terms of my marketing company, Elevated District. I think that having a strong community that cares about you regardless of whether your coin will go up or down in value is what really matters. Too many projects right now has the support of a community that only cares about them because they have the potential to go up and price and they could make money. As soon as that happens the community will abandon or forget about the project. The project needs to be of value to the community in more than one aspect.

For me in terms of my personal community I have people that hate on me all the time. Most of the time I just ignore it unless it something that is taking shots at my integrity. I take my integrity very seriously, it’s one the things I value very highly in terms of what I’ve built and what I am building. So I will be very clear if I disagree with these people in this situations.

For a company I believe they constantly need to be in communication with their community. Negative press occurs when there is a lack of communication and a lack of transparency. You need to be able to do this before you even have a community as you already setting yourself up for failure.”
You can follow Michael Nye here, his company website Elevated District and podcast Evolvement.

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