Anticipation Builds as Chromia See 6,000 Sign Ups to New Blockchain Game


Gaming is often thought to be an ideal industry to be disrupted by blockchain technology as the user base are mostly young, tech savvy and used to handling digital currencies already.

Recent statistics have shown that gaming is a $120 Billion dollar industry and expected to reach $200 Billion by 2022. Furthermore, approximately 2.3 Billion people in the world play a game of some sort equating to 30% of the world’s population directly exposed to the gaming world. However, the gaming industry and continues to change and this is where Chromia plans to explore new possibilities through the revolution of blockchain. 

Chromia has stepped in with the concept that not only can blockchain be helpful for gaming ownership through things like Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), but also solves issues with “traditional” blockchain methods as we discussed in our Chromia Primer here on The Daily Chain. Chromia has been in a development stage with games that are made from their innovative blockchain methods through the Chromia Studios and Workinman partnership back in August with a game called Mines of Dalarnia.

Chromia’s Mines of Dalarnia

The Mines of Dalarnia game is set to be first in Chromia’s library of blockchain games. One of the highlighted approaches that Chromia is taking with this is that the game itself will be on the blockchain. Other attempts and theories of blockchain games use it as a means to store tokens, or in-game purchasables on chain, while the rest of the game remains centralized. Mines of Dalarnia differs from this as it runs decentralized on the network with Chromia as an intermediary of sorts, which is run by nodes hosted by providers on the Chromia system.

Mines of Dalarnia has received a whopping 6,000 sign-ups to date only three months after the Workinman partnership. Progress is going very steady with lots of anticipation. First hand updates for the game can be checked out by following Chromia and Chromia Studios on Twitter.

Chromia, CHR, Mines of Dalarnia
Chromia Studios partnered with Workinman earlier in the year

Progress With Partnerships

Many of the details behind the Mines of Dalarnia are still under wraps or in development, but it is worth noting the value of the Chromia/Workinman partnership. Since the announcement of the partnership in late August, Chromia has already set a precedent for a full functioning dapp as a serious contender in the gaming space. This has been demonstrated by the large amount of signups on the waiting list, with blockchain and gaming enthusiasts eager to try out this first title.

Workinman Interactive, the gaming company that Chromia Studios have partnered with, is a highly reputable company with bags of experience in the traditional gaming sector. The U.S. based company is a full service creative studio for multiple platforms with experience making games and services for Atari, Intel, Disney, Fisher Price, and much more. In addition, they are familiar with the frontiers of new gaming innovations like VR and are now aiming to further explore blockchain technology in the use of games with Chromia.

Chromia is focused on leveling up the gaming space with Mines of Dalarnia with the use of decentralization. Gaming ownership would belong to the players and users instead of centralized companies that can power down games at any moment. Throughout the months to come, Chromia is expected to give more insight on the game that’s fueling the visions and goals they have to make great games with everyone. 

Looking to the Future

Chromia and Mines of Dalarnia are well on their way to showing the gaming industry the benefits of using blockchain technology for creative titles. Many are waiting in eager anticipation to be able to trial the innovative features that Chromia set in place from the whitepaper, using blockchain technology methods that are faster, fluid, and functional while making sure the users of the game benefit more than ever. 

And as the signups have shown, potential users have responded well. 

If you are interested in signing up for the Mines of Dalarnia, you can do so here.

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