Apple censors application supporting dApps in the App store


Internet Tech giants like Facebook and Google have always had a strenuous relationship with Crypto as a result of the lack of clear regulations and a controversial reputation around the world. Controlled censorship is a necessary evil; however, some events have seen both the companies censor crypto-based content and services to keep regulators off their backs.

Not many months ago we saw YouTube removing hundreds of cryptocurrency-related videos (which were later restored) in December. The video streaming platform, removed several cryptocurrency-related content while giving warnings and “strikes,” which prevented content creators from producing new content.

Apple takes a stand

While Google has been going back and forth with cryptocurrencies, Apple hasn’t been too friendly either. In the latest episode of crypto censorship, Apple has just forced popular mobile cryptocurrency wallet provider Trust Wallet, to remove its support for Dapps from its mobile application for the ios platform.

Trust Wallet gives users a simple mobile application for managing their crypto assets and also lets users be in full control of their private keys. The most popular feature of the wallet is its support for the built-in Web3 browser that allows one to explore DApps of the decentralized internet seamlessly and safely.

These and a lot of other attributes have been the reason for Trust Wallet’s success. The free mobile application has a whopping 4.8-star rating and close to 8k reviews on the app store.  However, Apple is putting a stop to the app’s most popular feature, with its latest updated App store guidelines.

As per the announcement, Trust Wallet submitted an update for review, but its build was deemed non-compatible with the app store guidelines, specifically the App Store Review Guideline 4.7.

“In order to continue updating the iOS version of Trust Wallet, allowing us to bring new features to iOS, we must remove the DApp browser from the iOS version of Trust Wallet,” the announcement reads.

However, all of the user funds and collectables would be safe, thanks to blockchain technology. Trust Wallet doesn’t store these assets but acts a seamless gateway to the various features blockchain platforms provide. The company suggests users import their wallets to the Android version of the application to continue to enjoy the same experience.

Advanced users would also be able to use a Beta version of the dApp browser via Test Flight. Developers, on the other hand, can integrate Wallet Connect with Trust Wallet or natively integrate Trust Wallet on ios.

Decentralized applications in the crosshairs

Apple’s recent move has been a blow to anyone who has access to only apple devices, and is also unable to use the workarounds. Anti-crypto policies like these have always acted as a major hurdle for anything that is related to cryptocurrencies and in some cases blockchain technology.

Prior to this, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase removed its decentralized application browser functionality from its mobile wallet application on the app store, to comply with the app store policy.

Decentralized applications have been gaining a lot of popularity among the crypto community with multiple blockchain platforms allowing the development of decentralized apps on the blockchain.

Google had also removed popular Ethereum wallet and decentralized application browser MetaMask’s android client from its application store.

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