Berlin 2020 Monero Konferenco Now Cancelled Due To Coronavirus Fears


On March 12, 2020, an official tweet from the organizers of the highly anticipated tech-based community gathering event, Monero Konferenco, announced that they had canceled the event citing the growing health concerns created by the deadly coronavirus outbreak. 

In February, the team announced the schedule of the Monero Konferenco, which was slated to take place in Berlin, Germany, in two days, starting from June 13, 2020, to June 14, 2020.

Alternatives for the Konferenco Event

According to the official post, the decision to cancel the Konferenco was made during the planning meeting held on March 12, 2020. The community is contemplating to organize an alternative event in an online platform which will be preceded with a casual meet up gathering in Berlin in the near future.

The lethal outbreak of coronavirus has undoubtedly caused many crypto events to be canceled in the last few weeks, and the trend is likely to continue until the virus is contained. 

For instance, the world’s largest blockchain expo, scheduled for March 17 in London, was delayed indefinitely due to the pandemic, and so too was Bitcoin 2020 in San Francisco. The Paris Blockchain Week Summit was another major crypto gathering pushed back until the end of the year. 

Impact of Coronavirus on Bitcoin

Most people thought that after the virus outbreak, money would go into Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin is considered to be the only ‘’safe-haven’’ asset at the time of crisis. But Bitcoin collapsed by 15% after the virus outbreak, thereby defying people’s expectations.

Coronavirus undoubtedly affected all markets, be it traditional or crypto markets, but apparently, it does not seem like it is the sole reason for the recent drop in Bitcoin price

However, because of the deadly impacts of the virus on the whole world, markets begin to wobble, even more, Bitcoin prices may benefit in some cases.

Therefore, if the virus quarantine continues, it will have a negative impact on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is mainly because, until now, Bitcoin and other crypto are not accessible by the public as they cannot easily exchange bitcoin or crypto for essentials like food and clothing. 

Virtual Online Crypto Conferences Are replacing Physical Meetings

Remote virtual events have been quick to fill the void following the cancellation of major crypto events in the wake of the coronavirus. 

Bitcoin meet-ups on the horizon include March 14’s Lightning Loop, a virtual conference featuring Lightning Lab’s Alex Bosworth, and March 17’s Socratic Seminar featuring Michael Folkson, organizer of the London Bitcoin Devs meet-up group. Those keen to dial in can find more details on the Bitcoin VR Degenerates Telegram.

Tech conference Collision, meanwhile, has announced that its June event will go ahead – only it won’t happen in Toronto but online, with the conference renamed Collision from Home.

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