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Bethereum Wins Best Blockchain Startup Award at CESAwards Grand Finale


Bethereum Wins Best Blockchain Startup Award

Bethereum, leading betting and iGaming platform, won Best Blockchain Startup of 2019 at CESAwards on Thursday, November 21st, at the Grand Finale in Bucharest, Romania.

CESAwards is part of the Global Startup Awards (GSA), which is dedicated to select and award startups in the tech and web industries that have shown significant achievements, and became a game changer in their industry.

Bethereum was chosen as Best Blockchain Startup of 2019, out of thousands of startups who applied, and qualified to the World GSA awards event in Changsha, China on 11-14th December, 2019.

Giacomo Tognoni, CEO at Bethereum, said after winning the award: “We are honored and grateful to have won, and intend to keep giving our very best each and every day!

“We build Bethereum to be as intuitive and efficient as possible, much more so than any other betting solution, blockchain or not. This means a user-friendly interface, minimum number of clicks, short loading times, attractive visuals, and also more advanced feature set, and many more to come.

“I want to thank the organizer, community, and jury for this amazing recognition! It was a great event and a real pleasure to share this experience with colleagues and friends from all over Europe.”

Giacomo, CEO of Bethereum, accepts the Award in Bucharest

Bethereum aim at delivering the most intuitive and innovative betting application on the market, addressing the major challenges the industry faces today.

A key competitive advantage Bethereum has Vs. both blockchain projects and existing online betting operators, is that they combine gamification and social elements. This transforms the individual, mercenary betting activity into a highly engaging and social experience. New comers to betting seek a more social engagement, as well as more fair and transparent form of betting. Bethereum’s solution gives them exactly that.

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