Binance Partners with Brave to Enable Direct Crypto-trading via Binance from the Browser


On March 24, 2020, Binance crypto- exchange, announced their new partnership with blockchain-integrated Brave Browser, to allow brave users to trade their crypto assets

The partnership has been introduced to Brave browser’s homepage, a Binance widget that Brave’s desktop users can access to go directly to their portfolios on Binance.

Binance, which records the highest number of users worldwide, is also the world’s largest crypto exchange by market volume. At the same time, Brave is a revolutionary browser that emphasizes user privacy and browsing speeds while integrating blockchain advertising through the  BAT token.

Binance Widget Will Be Available on Brave Browser’s New Tab Page

The New Binance Widget will reflect on Brave, every time the user opens up a new tab. This new development makes brave the first browser to integrate crypto trading functionality:

“With the Binance widget, Brave Users can access the and Binance.US (for US-based users) sites, buy and sell crypto assets, view asset balances, and obtain deposit addresses all without leaving the browser.”

Without having to leave the page, Brave users can use the widget to manage their crypto portfolios on Binance, including depositing, buying, selling, trading crypto-assets, and viewing their balances.

Another essential feature of the widget is that it is built to preserve the user’s privacy, a significant factor that is much emphasized by Brave user privacy standards.

“Additionally, the Binance widget is built into Brave and is not a loaded iframe (remotely embedded document), which preserves the user’s privacy. API calls will only be made into Binance if the user authenticates via OAuth and interacts with the widget.”

Users can view an early version of the widget on Braves’ nightly version, have the option to turn it on or off while looking forward to a new release expected to launch in April.

Brave Continues to Take Monumental Steps to Promote Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrencies

Brave browser offers high privacy standards and faster speeds surpassing other top search engines like Google and Yandex. According to Brave’s co-founder and CEO Brendan Eich, integrating Brave and Binance will simplify the crypto-trading process, which can sometimes be hard for new crypto users.

“By bringing a leading exchange directly into the browser, Brave is taking cryptocurrency trading mainstream and enabling users to conduct transactions with ease.”

Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao also commented on the partnership, stating that the partnership will make it safer, “to buy and sell crypto and also reduce user friction to onboard trade and interact with the Binance ecosystem.”

While promoting these two qualities to enhance the user experience, Brave also introduced decentralized advertising to promote content creators, publishers, and ad viewers by rewarding them with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).

Brave also features a BlockFi widget that incentivizes Brave users with 10 dollars when they sign up for a BlockFi Crypto Interest Account. According to their website, the accounts trade crypto assets on behalf of users, earning them a monthly interest for every asset type they choose to invest in.

Wayne Jones
Wayne is a Blockchain enthusiast and expert in crypto trading. Currently, I cover trendy issues on digital currencies.

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