Binance Raises Over $100,000 For People In Need


The Binance Charity Foundation recently has been doing a lot of work around the world for multiple different philanthropic reasons. On the Binance charity website, it states that the “Binance Charity Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving global sustainable development by unlocking the power of blockchain.” The organization “believes no one should be left behind during the ongoing blockchain revolution.” The Binance Charity Foundation recently has launched multiple projects to help disaster victims, and feed hungry children.

In a project called “Empower Bududa” Binance raised over $60,000 USD for the people of Bukalasi Sub-Country, Bududa District, Uganda. On October 11th, 2018 the people of this area of Uganda experienced four dreadful hours of heavy rainfall that led to heavy floods and landslides across the entire town. Large stones and debris were pushed around in the flood, and this disaster claimed the lives of 51 people. On top of this, these floods resulted in 400 people missing, 1,000 people displaced, and 12,000 more affected. This disaster took away many peoples homes and belongings.

The Binance Charity Foundation (BCF) raised over 14 BTC for victims, and has a three step plan to execute this charity program. The three steps the BCF plans to take are preparation, delivery of goods, and reporting. Currently as of April 2019, the preparation and the delivery of goods have been completed. In the first preparation step, the BCF collaborated with multiple local organizations to asses and identify the needs of the affected victims, working out some of the technical details on the backend as well in terms of processing the blockchain payment. In the second step of the goods delivery, the BCG is currently executing this in three separate phases. On phase one of the delivery, BCF delivered 625 donation baskets to victims and households, and is currently in the process of phase two of the delivery where they aim to deliver 655 more donation baskets to victims.

The Binance Charity have a strong presence in Uganda

On top of this, Binance charity is in the process of raising money to provide reliable food supplies to the Jolly Mercy Learning Centre located in Kampala, Uganda, which consists of 280 students and staff. In Eastern African countries, a child only needs $0.3 a day to provide a sustainable breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Zcoin is sponsoring the first year for the Jolly Mercy Centre and the BCF has currently raised over $40,000 USD (8+ BTC). The school the BCF is financing food for is “committed to the nurturing the development of children, especially vulnerable children, with a mission to develop and become a leading and trustworthy school in the local community” as stated on the Binance charity website. This is an area very affected by the AIDS crisis, so the nutrition and nourishment for kids in the community goes a very long way.

In both charitable projects discussed above, Binance is also going in and installing the proper technology people may need to access, and use these funds. On top of technological advancements of the area, the Binance charity website states that they make a strong attempt to explain the importance of blockchain technology and the ability to control your own funds. Overall, this is a very positive development for the Binance charity and these areas in Uganda. It is great to see revolutionary companies like Binance participating in philanthropic projects to help directly where it truly matters. 



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