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This is an extract from the article The Importance of Community in Crypto and contains the full transcript of my interview with Saber Maram – CEO & Founder of BitTube.

BitTube is a revolutionary video platform in which publishers can make money with their content, without ads. With specific focus on video content, the content owner has direct contact with the market and its users. It is only this market that decides who gets paid, for what data and how high the payment will be. Service data providers, portals or any other commercial entity no longer influence the income.

1) What does community mean to you?

Since the very beginning, BitTube has relied and requested community feedback. Discussions between core community members primarily happen on our discord server (link). For example, early last year we settled on the BitTube name and TUBE ticker together. We believe that most value comes from utility and we have been transparent about the decisions we’ve made for the project. For us it’s critical to provide quick support via live chat and anyone can reach us directly. Although we can’t please everyone, and we are not trying to, we accept constructive comments. The support team and social manager will forward them to the head of development. Our growth to date is purely organic, for us every single TUBE is vital as every single user is. That’s why establishing a robust community is one of our main goals, as it lays the bedrock of our future success.

2) What in your opinion makes a robust Crypto community?

Apart from the common cliché “here for the tech” and “hodl to the moon” we would love to see crypto enthusiasts comprehend the user-friendliness of BitTube and share it with non-crypto buddies and family. A healthy crypto community should not shill the coin just for speculation. What we observe is the price doesn’t follow technological progress and all the sleepless hours developers put into the project. In BitTube’s case, what we think makes a strong community is members understanding the value of the project, namely why user friendliness, accessibility, distribution, demand, utility etc are all equally important. A strong community would bring new leads and engage with the project. To ensure that we have been publishing weekly update articles where we highlight new deployments and improvements. For 2019 we plan a new strategy with more insights in a different format.

3) How do you keep your community satisfied and engaged?

We like our community to have first-hand experience with our apps so they can comment and discuss on our posts about features and developments. Apart from that, in our social media profiles we share relevant topics and aim to build engagement. In our case, this year we are migrating to a new social-style video platform, which will be extremely helpful for us to engage with our own community, without relying on third-party platforms. It will also help bridge the divide between regular users, creators and investors/traders.

4) Do you believe that having a strong community directly impacts the success of a project?

Having a strong community definitely has an impact on the success of the project. In that sense, we believe that we are doing well to build this community despite merciless market conditions. Luckily, the BitTube community goes beyond ‘crypto enthusiast’ with many people following us for the utility of the project and this is what set us apart many other projects. This is also what will give strength to the core of the community in the long term: we don’t necessarily aim to build a ‘crypto community’, we aim for mass adoption.

5) Regarding FUD – what measures and precautions do you take to combat this negative press when it occurs in order to keep the community happy?

We believe the answer for this one should be simple. We are transparent with our community, giving as much details and information as we can in order to make sure we are all on the same page. FUD is something that will always exist but so far we managed it well and the community has been very understanding and supportive all the way. We actually enjoy some FUD now and then, as it’s a good exercise for anyone to engage in serious discussions and formulate rebuttals. The key is communication and again, being transparent!

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