BKCoin Capital announces partnership with SynQ


Wall Street Veterans team up with SynQ to better understand crypto-market participant’s behaviors and sentiment

NEW YORK, NYJuly 26th, 2019 — BKCoin Capital, LP (“BKCoin Capital”) is pleased to announce its intention to utilize exact price predictive analytics and indicators for top cryptocurrencies from SynQ. By utilizing SynQ’s business intelligence-based, exact price, predictive technology, BKCoin Capital expects to gain an edge from the rest of the market.

BKCoin Capital is one of the first digital asset hedge funds, committed to delivering consistent, uncorrelated absolute returns through the exploitation of arbitrage opportunities across various regulated digital asset exchanges globally. SynQ will assist the fund in finding highly probable trading opportunities that are unavailable to the rest of the market. BKCoin Capital plans to use these opportunities to deliver higher than expected average returns for its limited partners. 

Our team believes that cryptocurrency markets are increasingly influenced by investor’s emotions. Today, retail investors make up a significantly large portion of cryptocurrency market participants. Unlike traditional markets where a company’s financial information is readily available, cryptocurrency market participants lack reliable financial information because most crypto-companies are currently in the early growth phase of the business life cycle. By using SynQ’s innovative predictive analytics solution we expect to have real-time signals that will help us understand cryptocurrency market participant’s behaviors and sentiment.” says Carlos Betancourt, Founding Principal at BKCoin Capital.

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BKCoin Capital is comprised of Wall Street Veterans

SynQ will continue to deliver highly accurate exact price projections for the Top 100 cryptocurrencies to BKCoin Capital with the goal of helping the fund retain a trading edge in a very competitive asset class. Access to this data at scale, in collaboration with BKCoin Capital’s already transformative strategy, should give the fund an added edge while trading a highly volatile and speculative set of assets.

Nicholas Mancini, COO of SynQ, said “We see SynQ adding a large value proposition to BKCoin Capital’s already highly successful fund model. Having access to highly probable and accurate price projections, while still maintaining full autonomy on what trades they would like to make, helps give BKCoin Capital a better set of tools to tackle the difficult cryptocurrency landscape

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About BKCoin Capital
BKCoin Capital, LP is one of the first digital assets hedge funds in New York, NY founded by two former traders bringing over 20 years of institutional trading experience. The team behind BKCoin Capital has over 45 years of wide-ranging experience on Wall Street including managing and trading over $40 billion multi-asset portfolios at large institutions such as JPMorgan, Evercore ISI, and AllianceBernstein. Poised to become a key disruptor in the decentralization of financial systems, BKCoin Capital is offering investors a vehicle to capitalize on market conditions while aiding in the establishment of cryptocurrency as a new asset class. Visit for more information.

About SynQ
Founded in 2018 by a group of business intelligence experts focused on the cryptocurrency market, SynQ is a data analytics application, based on fundamentals of business intelligence, that deciphers large amounts of consumer, sentiment, and market data, and creates highly accurate predictive analytics for cryptocurrency price action with the goal of helping retail and investment fund classes of consumers. SynQ will continue its goal of delivering accurate predictive analytics to the market at scale, by working with retail and institutional clients to improve our predictive analytics and broaden our use case. Visit to learn more.

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