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Perlin Interview

BlockchainBrad chats with Perlin CTO in an exclusive crypto interview. Perlin’s WAVELET is LIVE & is worldwide! Perlin’s DAG-based distributed protocol technology is now moving into technical maturity, the various tradeoffs of decentralization for performance no longer have to be made. Wave is the first of a new class of decentralized smart contract platforms that use DAG technology to achieve high throughput while maintaining security, scalability, and true decentralization.

About Perlin

The below extract is taken from Blockfyre’s new IEO ratings page.

Wavelet | Wasm smart contracts powered by a high-speed ledger. Perlin utilises its unique Wavelet probabilistic DAG-protocol mechanism to facilitate over 31k+ transactions per second and 0-4 second time to finality.

Wavelet is Perlin’s directed acyclic graph (DAG) based protocol. It is a base-layer ledger which means anyone can build any type of application. It is designed to be the fastest, most secure, and most scalable distributed ledger solution in existence today. Wavelet is underpinned by a new and leaderless proof-of-stake consensus model (LPOS).

One of the first use cases for Wavelet is international trade and commerce. Wavelet is well suited for increasing efficiency and transparency for complex processes (that have many inputs and output) such as supply chains and international commerce.

About Brad

BlockchainBrad is a highly respected character in the Crypto community and is well known for his insightful and educational interviews with Blockchain projects. He has a Masters in Education and is passionate about keeping clean Crypto clean by providing honest and transparent content.

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