BlockFyre Coin Research: Unibright ($UBT)


BlockFyre Coin Research: Unibright ($UBT)


Unibright is blockchain project that provides a “unified framework for blockchain based business integration.” The platform, in essence, provides a simple framework that allows any business the ability to utilize blockchain tech without any coding skills, smart contract development knowledge or even traditional software development knowledge.


This is our 20 page presentation about Unibright. If you are a mobile user, we recommend you to turn your screen sideways.


Research by Jonathan Habicht, Simon Dedic, Joao Leite and Igor Davidov.

Who are Blockfyre?

Blockfyre is an online platform that offers insights and services to provide Investors with a gateway to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Besides analysis and reports for investors, Blockfyre also offers research and consulting services aimed at companies in the blockchain/crypto sector. Our goal is to help this industry grow and succeed.

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