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Ampleforth Review

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Ampleforth aims to provide the next generation of synthetic commodities, which may ultimately result in an independent new asset class for the diversification of each portfolio. While the supply is flexible and price constantly finds an equilibrium, AMPL comes with monetary use value.


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About Ampleforth

Ampleforth is a digital-asset-protocol for smart commodity-money.

The Ampleforth protocol receives exchange-rate information from trusted oracles, and propagates that to holders of its units (Amples) by proportionally increasing or decreasing the number of tokens each individual holds. 

For traders, these changes in exchange-rate and quantity translate into changes in Ample’s market capitalization. Traders with short time horizons, especially those using automated or algorithmic approaches, will thus have to devise new strategies to trade Amples. 

Ultimately, unique trader behavior in response to the protocol’s incentives, is expected to produce a step-function-like movement pattern with lower correlation to Bitcoin than existing digital assets. This makes Amples uniquely suited for the following near, medium, and long term uses.

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Research by Jonathan Habicht and Simon Dedic.

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