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LTO Network Review

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LTO Network


LTO Network provides a Layer 2 permissionless hybrid blockchain for businesses. Their solution is not only easily integrated with existing systems, it’s also cheap and scalable. LTO Network thus allows for decentralized workflows between businesses.

While their main use case is on the decentralized workflow system, which has many fields of application, their solution with the anchoring of partial data on the public chain has the potential to solve many problems that current networks face due to privacy and compliance concerns.


This is Blockfyre’s 23 page presentation about LTO. If you are a mobile user, we recommend you to turn your screen sideways.

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About LTO Network

LTO Network bills itself as a hybrid blockchain designed for trustless B2B collaboration. The private layer is for data sharing and process automation (each process residing on its own miniature ad-hoc permissionless private chain). The public layer acts as a global security settlement layer — an immutable digital notary. This hybrid approach reportedly makes LTO Network GDPR and data privacy compliant, as well as scalable and ready for adoption.

Taken from CoinMarketCap

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Research by Jonathan Habicht and Simon Dedic.

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