Bluzelle decentralized storage network launches Incentive-driven Swarm of Duty Stress Test


On April 9, 2020, decentralized data storage network for Dapps, Bluzelle, announced the launch of their public and final stress test dubbed the Swarm of Duty that will also include a $30,000 incentive for developers, validators and BLZ and BNT token holders.

Bluzelle, which integrates blockchain principles with cutting edge technology, stated that Swarm of Duty is the final step before the launch of its mainnet.

It will offer one of the most needed services in the blockchain industry by availing scalable, secure, affordable, and truly decentralized data storage solutions to new and existing dApps:

“This mitigates one of the biggest problems with the dApp ecosystem at present: the reliance on centralized infrastructure that presents a single point of failure. “

Stress tests are performance tests that developers carry out on their networks to see how they would react under high pressure in terms of factors like speed, scalability, and security.

The announcement comes a month since its CURIE TestNet went live in March 2020, to allow early developer involvement and familiarizing with its token economies.

Swarm Duty Has Participation Incentives for Developers, Validators and Token Holders

Bluzelle is once again revealing an early opportunity for dApp developers to start creating dApps on Swarm of Duty, familiarize with token economies, and receive incentives for their participation.

“Validators are also invited to participate in the test program, which is designed to educate users about staking on the network through gamification.”

Network validators will receive staking prizes, while token holders will earn staking rewards for delegating validators.

“The total prize pool is 2.5M BLZ tokens worth 30,000 and the timeframe for participation in April 2-May 14.”

Bluzelle Is Focusing On Media Storage with Future Plans to Explore Higher Storage Capacity and Payment Services

The Bluzelle network is a web3 database built with advanced fault-tolerant blockchain clusters to protect people and businesses from data breaches and expensive storage costs. It is a unique project with a necessary solution for developers, investors, and enthusiasts of decentralized applications and whose potential is evident in its initial ICO funding, which raised $19.5 million.

Decentralizing applications can be developed for as many uses as centralized applications, and they are built on smart contract blockchains like Ethereum, EOS, TRON, and NEO. Examples of dApp projects include gambling apps, crypto exchanges, and initial coin offering (ICO) applications.

Since most developers deploy and run their dApps on external blockchain platforms, they incur either contract deployment or transaction costs or both.

Talking about the motivation behind Bluzelle, CEO and Cofounder Pavel Bains stated that together with his partner Neeraj Murarka, they worked on multiple blockchain projects to figure out which the young market needed. In 2017, they focused Bluzelle to be a complementary decentralized data storage.

Bluzelle has partnered with Microsoft and Salesforce. They have also built blockchain applications for, HSBC and KPMG to enhance its value proposition to increase ideas for the exploration of new opportunities

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