Brave launches limited edition browser in collaboration with K-Pop’s BTS


The crypto industry revolves around the idea of decentralization and privacy. Protecting one’s digital identity is of utmost necessity these days, especially because of the rapid growth in cybercrime. Concerns regarding one’s online safety have spread beyond just the crypto industry.

With the aim of making the online space a safer place, privacy-focused crypto-friendly browser Brave was developed. Fuelled by the popular altcoin BAT, Brave has grown to become a popular application among crypto and privacy enthusiasts.

It also comes with the ability to be able to microtip one’s favorite content creators with BAT while also protecting sensitive data and identity. More so, it allows content creators to earn a new form of income via direct recognition and monetization from their work.

K-Pop Collaboration

The browser has also given the crypto industry a great deal of exposure by taking cryptocurrencies to the screens of millions of Brave users. Now, the company is taking a giant leap with its recent partnership with the Korean pop group BTS and popular e-sports team Rush Gaming to provide a limited edition release of its browser for residents of Japan. 

Japan is one of the world’s biggest crypto and blockchain hotspots, the collaboration with BTS — AKA the Bangtan Boys, a boy band with fans all over the globe, will be a major boost for the browser and the crypto industry as well. This is the first known collaboration between a privacy-based browser like Brave and a popular pop band. 

Reported by local news outlet Nikkei, the collaborations will focus on finding a new touchpoint between idols and fans. The limited-edition browser will also allow fans to earn points by watching ads to support Rush Gaming’s e-sports team.

Affiliate controversy

The partnership has been announced days after the crypto community on Twitter thrashed Brave for automatically filling an affiliate link into its address bar when someone attempts to access the website for leading crypto exchange Binance.

Brave Co-founder Brendan Eich, has acknowledged that this was an error and will soon be corrected to remove the automatic completion of its affiliate link after the incident gained traction on crypto Twitter. He tweeted:

“Brave default autocompletes verbatim in the address bar to add an affiliate code. We are a Binance affiliate, we refer users via the opt-in trading widget on the new tab page, but autocomplete should not add any code.”

Whale Panda, a popular crypto analyst, and commentator, further noted that Brave has also been inserting affiliate links into the address of users seeking to access top U.S.-based exchange Coinbase, and leading hardware wallet manufacturers Ledger and Trezor.

Brave gaining momentum

However, Brave has been garnering a lot of users lately with a June announcement stating that the Browser’s monthly active users surpassed 15.4 million by the end of May. Daily active users also touched 5.3 million after increasing by 165% over the last year.

One of the reasons behind Brave’s success is its ability to let users earn with its opt-in advertisement system powered by the Ethereum blockchain and the firm’s proprietary Basic Attention Token. According to Brave, its Browser’s advertisement 90-day average click-through rate is 9%, much higher than the industry average of 2%.

Anna Larsen
Anna Larsen has been a Crypto enthusiast since 2016. Fascinated by the technology and its usecases she decided to pursue a career in content creation related to this space. The journey has been exciting ever since.

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