Break Blocks of Earth and Earn Tokens with Chromia’s Mines of Dalarnia


One of the most impressive use-cases of blockchain has been the online gaming industry. The impressive blockchain technology continues to disrupt the crypto space as developers keep designing fun-filled games that integrate with digital currencies. 

Chromia is the latest blockchain to join the wave with the release of its first on-chain blockchain game. Chromia Studios, in collaboration with Workinman, released the alpha version of Mines of Dalarnia on 22nd April. The action-packed game is free to play and available for Chromia Testenet users. Users can play on any modern mobile and desktop browser. 

Chromia announced the Mines of Dalarnia in 2019 following the partnership with Workinman. In December, just three months after the two companies came together, the game already had 6,000 sign-ups. Now, players can access the highly-anticipated game and turn their loot into Chromia currency, among other lucrative blockchain-enabled features. 

The Mines of Dalarnia

The free action-packed game is completely decentralized as it is built on the Chromia blockchain itself. Contrary to most blockchain-based games, players don’t mine for cryptocurrency but use the blockchain technology to implement the Dalarnia Token system and ensure that it is safe from any hacks. Chromia blockchain also provides transparency between the gamers and the developers since everyone on the network gets to see any changes made to the game in real-time. 

The players get to choose a character that collects minerals from breaking blocks of the earth. They have to ensure that they get as far as they can in the mines and collect treasures before they run out of light. The tunnels have varying treasures and contain some monsters that are also precious when killed. 

Once the players have collected their loot, the Dalarnia Token system allows them to turn it into Chromia currency and use it to buy virtual mining plots. They can also put up the plots for rent for other players on the network or even sell them for more tokens. 

Although the Mines of Dalarnia comes equipped with several features, the game is light enough to run on any desktop and mobile browser. Players can either use a keyboard, mouse, or joypad controls to navigate through the mines.

Alpha Stage

The Mines of Dalarnia is currently in its Alpha stage and currently offers a free zone. Here you can start mining and store your loot to your inventory. As you move to the next phase, the game will erase all the data. However, the information on the leaderboard will remain, and the top players of the Alpha phase will receive some rewards. If you are an online gamer and would love to earn some Dalarnia tokens, why don’t you give the game a try? 

About Chromia

Chromia is a relatively new blockchain that describes itself as relational. The platform is looking to offer a technical solution to mainstream applications that range from online games to enterprises. Besides the MInes of Dalarnia, Chromia has two other projects in-store; Chromunity and Green Assets Wallet.

Currently, Chromia is participating in the eighth round of the Binance Community Vote. The event is in search of the next project to be listed on Binance and voting will start on 6th May 2020 at 4.00 am (UTC) and will run for 24 hours. If Chromia wins, the community voters will get to share 13,500,000 CHR. 

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