BREAKING: $1.5m Raised for Popular ETH Game Axie Points to Growing Interest in Blockchain Gaming


Finally, the fundraising for Sky Marvis has been officially closed. Animoca brands led this round of nearly $1.5 million in association with Consensus, Pangea Blockchain Fund, and 500 startups. The fundraising was held to raise money to accelerate the development of Axie Infinity Universe. The funds will also help in creating a technology required to build practical and fun blockchain-based applications.

Axie Infinity Game

Sky Marvis is the parent company of Axie Infinity, a highly rated blockchain game where players battle, raise and trade Axies. According to, Axie Infinity is the blockchain game of all time.

Some significant accomplishments of Axie Infinity

  • Axie infinity released two games, breeding, and idle battles into the Axie universe
  • Axie Infinity holds the world record for the most ETH raised in a blockchain game in a single day, a total of 1200 ETH
  • Axie Infinity has been able to form partnerships with strong brands such as Samsung, Loom Network, HTC, Klaytn, among others
  • It raised $1.1M from game assets sale and a total of $1.8M in trading volume between players
  • Various major news outlets such as Yahoo Finance, CoinDesk Korea, Bloc Konomi, among others, featured the game

Impacts the Funds Will Have on Axie Infinity 

The funds obtained from the fundraising will facilitate the accelerated development of Axie Infinity. More funds will ensure there are enough resources for the expansion of the team who will thus create more features.

The funds will, therefore, result in more attention from the media in a positive light causing more people to join the Axie community.

New partnerships will offer more support, as well as advice, which is essential in taking Axie Infinity further ahead.

Animoca Brands Corporation Limited has signed an advisory agreement, a subscription agreement, as well as a collaboration memorandum of understanding with Sky Marvis, the parent company of Axie Infinity.

What You Should Know About Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity is a pet game based on the Ethereum blockchain. It was started in early 2018 based in Singapore under its parent company Sky Marvis. The players use creatures called Axies, which are a representation of NFTs.

Each Axie has its unique attributes and appearance, and they cannot be duplicated. Currently, the game is among the highest-grossing blockchain games. Axie Infinity plans to launch a mobile application early next year. The new game will introduce play-to-earn to blockchain users with competitive and immersive play.

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