Chromia and Workinman: Interview with Henrik Hjelte, CEO


ChromaWay released announced a partnership with Workinman that would see their newly built Chromia Studios co-develop blockchain gaming titles using Chromia, their relational blockchain model, as the underlying technology.

I recently spoke with Henrik Hjelte, CEO, to talk about this collaboration between the two companies and what it means for both parties moving forward.

How do you plan to build out Chromia Studios and establish it as a major player in the blockchain gaming industry?

Chromia Studios is a unit of Chromia (which is owned by ChromaWay). The vision for Chromia Studios is to build a large and active community of game developers using and contributing to the Chromia platform. The way we are doing that is building a scalable platform with robust features together with the right economic model to meet the needs of a wide range of developers. We are building our own games to showcase what is possible and unique with the relational blockchain model and the Chromia platform.

Workinman have extensive experience in the games industry having worked with some notable partners in the past. Can you explain the current relationship between the two companies?

That’s right. Workinman clients include some of the largest brands in the media and gaming industry including Disney, Atari, Marvel, and Nintendo.  For the first game, we are both compensating Workinman and co-building the first game. We felt it was important that they prioritize the project because of our aggressive schedule. They bring more than 17-years of  game design and development experience to the table which we are combining with our deep experience in building innovative, scalable blockchain solutions. 

How do you plan to fully utilise the services provided by such an established brand in this field?

We spent a lot of time internally and with the Workinman team agreeing on our game priorities.  Our highest priority was that the project break out of the typical blockchain game genre meaning we wanted to avoid low grade graphics, weak game mechanics, and a disappointing user experience.  There’s a reason why even the best blockchain games see only a bare minimum of daily users, the overall game experience is far below the expectation of players of most mobile and PC games. 

Our engagement with Workinman along with the more developer and user friendly features of Chromia are intended to smash that mold.  We have released some of the early art from our game and the community can already see the divergent path we are taking with regard to quality and creativity. 

Do you believe we are now seeing the shift of traditional gaming companies moving into the crypto space?

Yes and no. Yes, most of the major gaming companies have launched blockchain initiatives. But, it will be very difficult for most of them to sustain development in this area as their business and distribution models are based on proprietary software, centralized systems, and traditional compensation models. It will be very difficult for them to commit to an open source, decentralized, and crypto-economic model of operation. 

Is this just the beginning for Chromaway’s venture in the world of blockchain gaming?

Absolutely.  We are already working through the early planning stages of a second major game that will allow NFTs to be exchanged  from our first title. We will continue to engage with Workinman, but plan to engage the game developer community much more deeply. For future titles we want to show more possibilities, like having the complete game logic on-chain, and what we call “Public Applications” where users have true power to decide how the game is run and developed. Stay tuned!

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