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Chromia’s Pramod’s Global Crypto Community AMA with Henrik and Or


The following transcript has already been kindly typed up by Jimoh Saheed and I sincerely thank him for allowing me to share this on The Daily Chain.

At exactly 16:45 CET, Chromia’s social media representative Anastasia opened the floor by welcoming and at the same time introducing Or Perelman, the COO and Henrik Hjelte, the CEO of ChromaWay and Chromia to the telegram community.

Relax while you enjoy the recap :

Or and Henrik

Or Perelman : Hi folks, Or here co-founder of Chromia, we solved integration to legacy systems, usability and scale in blockchains by combing the relational data structure and blockchains. Chromia is the public chain platform by ChromaWay, previously we co-founded the coloredcoind project which was the first way to issue tokens ever.
We work across industries and have partnerships with enterprises, banks and govs around the world.

Praveen Parihar : the Inter-American Development Bank is testing out Blockchain for land registries .
What is benifits Chromia and Chromia tram to this step ?
Why IADB picked chromeway and what is the goal of IADB WITH Chromway ?

Or Perelman : IADB picked ChromaWay because of our track record and novel tech, unlike other public chains, we combined the relational data structure instead of key value store with blockchains which makes it easier for them to integrate the platform to their already existing systems which non blockchain platform offers

Decentralized Man ₿ ₿ : Which consensus Algorithm does Chromia runs & what are the benefits?

Or Perelman : Chromia runs customized bft, staking and we anchor the data to proof of work blockchain e.g bitcoin

PRASAD : What are the other set of blockchain chromia is planning to work on?
What’s your future plans for which types of solution currently working on?

Or Perelman : Chromia cant run on other set of blockchains because chromia is its self a layer 1 public chain, solutions which are currently running on chromia are id solution, green bonds for fund management, real estate and more

Salman : From the Initial Coin Offering(ICO) of Chromia to now, Does the Development work Cope up with its Roadmap?
What was the main reason for Rebranding to Chromia from Chromaway?

Or Perelman : We never rebranded ChromaWay, we rebranded it from chromapolis, we felt we need a new name and a new design, we didnt like the long name of chromapolis and we wanted something shorter, so we worked with the best studio in sweden in order to find the new design and name.

Fury cat : Is chromia is the only blockchain with relational database? Is there any other blockchains must have some kind of workarounds?

Or Perelman : Yep, the only blockchain which completely changed the data structure and not went with key value store and nosql db on the backend, chromia public chain doesnt need any layer 2 or 3 everything just works on the base 1 layer.

Fury cat : when i read your whitepaper i saw that you guys are focusing on games first right ? Why did you choose the games for development of chromia?

Or Perelman : Yep, we started with games as our first use case for our public chain because we sold to enterprises before and we know the long process until it hits to production / for any other blockchain its 32 months, for us its 12 and even that is long, game you can build in 4 5 months, either it has users or not but its in production 😉 that doesnt mean that we arent moving existing projects which use chromia enterprise as we recently moved green asset wallet project to chromia public chain

Huong Lan : Chromia is both a blockchain and a relational database. What is the benefit of this?

Henrik Hjelte : Relational databases is the de-facto standard for handling data. In all enterprises, for 30+ years, with 80%+ market share. Blockchain is also said to be about “handling data”, but the technique is not just thought out and optimized for complex data, it is inspired by a list of transactions
Combining relational database with blockchain will give you a really fast way to make complex applications. We argue it is the fastest yet most powerful programming model
Oh, and hi by the way. Sorry for being a bit late. I’m Henrik, the CEO

Happyyme : 1. Chromia looks pretty awesome with their approach to built dApps, how will developers know about this amazing platform Chromia, how do you plan to spread awareness about Chromia to developers and businesses?
2. Which language does Chromia support for developers and what is unique about it?

Or Perelman : Chromia hosts workshops, hackathons, meetups on a regular basis, for example we just sponsored with cosmos and ripple the latest defi hackathon on sf blockchain week which had around 100 talented devs and hosted a workshop there, we are also showing the simplicity of our platform and comparing the codes of chromia and other public chains and making sure devs are aware how easy it is to build on chromia, chromia language is RELL which is very similar to sql but 7 time more compact, any developer who knows sql can pick up rell super easy

Prateek Saaho : 1 — Can you please explain the Auto Soft forking part? How it is done? Integration of AI/ML or something more innovative?
2 — Why Chromia chooses to focus on DApps specifically? The market of Decentralized product is barrier less! Why DApps?

Or Perelman : We also work on enterprise applications — e.g we moved green asset wallet which is a huge project backed by banks to the chromia public chain, they will pick their own system providers, we feel there is a market with both enterprise applications and dapps, dapps especially games are much more easier to build and prove we scale better, e.g on our first game we had 5k users signed up in 4 days

zafer metin : What is the RELL language developed for Dapps? Can you tell us the advantages of choosing this language? How is data control and security ensured in this programming language? Will you continue to use this language?

Henrik Hjelte : RELL is a new language that we have created that is a general purpose language for blockchain dapp development, but also with a similar programming model as for traditional databases (SQL/Relational databases).
Rell Compared to other blockchain languages you will get: A much faster time to market due to a fewer lines of code, and almost everything built in. Not a stack of layers and stuff like on other blockchains. Basically everything built in. One guy (noob to our tech) made a social network (chomunity) in a week to get something going, and most of the time was spent on doing the frontend. People can really easily pick it up.
Rell compared to SQL: Static typing gives a more secure language, fewer risks of bugs. A more modern syntax is up to 1/7th of the lines of codes compared to SQL. So Rell even improves on databases…

Katie : Revenue and Adoption are the top priority of all projects, can you tell us how does Chromia generate revenue from it’s technology/platform and how are you planning on getting your platform adopted?

Or : Right now we generate revenues from enterprise sales, we had 850k arr this year from partnerships such as the IADB partnership and more unannounced partnerships, our platform is already adopted by big name enterprises, we now want devs and we have a few interesting projects which are being built on chromia as we speak as we are launching mainnet soon we will be gearing up marketing towards developers with more content, workshops, hackathons, collaborations, incentives and more

Masked Man : 1- In every decentralized project scaling is the main barrier! But CHROMIA claims unlimited scalability to partnered DApps! How?
2- How is CHROMIA planning to handle stringent crypto regulations imposed by the governments everywhere?

Henrik Hjelte : I disagree that “scaling” is the main barrier. It is rather bad UX that is a problem for mainstream adoption. Like having to own a new currency in order to play a game. We should support free-to-play games.
And the fact that it is almost impossible to do a good non-trivial application with other applications, since the technology is so primitive. Who ever wanted “a ledger”? What the normal world use is “a database”. It is what built SAP and Facebook, and we are the only blockchain with that programming model.

But: when it comes to scaling: In Chromia every dapp has its own blockchain(s), and the dapp developer decides what hardware should support it. If the scalability on the dapp-specific blockchain is too slow, you (the dapp developer) can split up your dapp into several blockchain. Chromia scales really well.

Aditya : Can you please elaborate your vision about the future of DApps, Do you think we will see DApp adaption in near future ?”

Or Perelman : Well I think games will be the first sector to adopt blockchain first rather then Defi, there are alot of problems currently tho with games and other chains that we solve, so when dapps are built on the chromia chain they will only have to focus on the dapp its self rather on the technology and research which will make it easier for them to be adopted

Flame (DoN’t CoMe NeAr Me) : Is there any running apps on Chromia right now ? or any scheduled apps to run on Chromia?

Or Perelman : will be launched soon, will be launched in 28 days with their systems providers (meaning more coins will be locked 😉 and more are coming!

Prateek Saaho : 1 — Chromia is focusing more on DApps specifically in Gaming, why so? There are more and more other platforms available focusing on same, what’s your take?
2 — What’s the factual addressable market for Chromia’s technology? In which segment Chromia is seeing to expand?

Or Perelman : Actually we pitched games before it was cool 🙂 but in chromia you can build much more complex stuff then just tokens for example a whole game world on chain, entire game logic on chain which non of the other chains are offering today, basically they just issue nfts and even that is stored on a db or being cashed to ipfs, with games on chromia it will be a true decentralized game which opens up lots of possibilities like true compatibility and extensibility

Kiren Dude : On website you have written “User experience of dapps to achieve parity with centralized applications”,can you please explain it more and how the user experience going to improved?

Henrik Hjelte : Yes. I mentioned it briefly. We can’t require a player of a game to first go to an exchange and buy a cryptocurrency, and THEN start to play the game. And then maybe have an ugly wallet pop up for every move in the game. And then have to wait a long time for confirmations….
With Chromia UX improves.
1.No need to own a token to use an application.
2. Single sign on for dapps, register once on chromia system and start using an app with one click.
3. More stuff coming soon that I’m not allowed to mention…

Leo : Is it actually the only blockchain with relational database? Other blockchains must have some kind of workarounds?

Henrik Hjelte : Workarounds = layers on layers, caches, and often sometimes a server that even removes all elements of decentralization.

Flusha Get_right : I have seen many IEO sales that only serverd for “pump-dump” merchant. Are you confident that your project will make the difference, at least in your team first goal?
What is the meaning of Chromia, name of project? Is it based from Chromium- chrome open source name?
What do you think about the potential of DeFi and does Chromia have any DeFi DApps on your platform?

Or Perelman : Well, we released over 50% of the tokens and we are still the best performant IEO on kucoin, just last month we got listed on bithumb korea which is #1 with upbit in korea, we are very confident that we will make a difference as we are not going anywhere and we are driving adoption to the blockchain space by the many partnerships we bring, chromia was close to chroma which is colored in latin, coming from our old coloredcoins days which we co founded back in 2012

Masked Man : 1- In every decentralized project scaling is the main barrier! But CHROMIA claims unlimited scalability to partnered DApps! How?
2- How is CHROMIA planning to handle stringent crypto regulations imposed by the governments everywhere?
Or Perelman : Chromia can do tx as fast as a db can do, thats why we combined the two.

Zhang Wei : Many times i see people saying Chromia can be Ethereum killer. So can you please tell how chormia can achieve this?
Congratulations for Competing Ethereum

Henrik Hjelte :I mentioned it a bit. But when a developer finds that he can do an application MUCH FASTER AND BETTER with another technology, he or she tends to switch. Once upon a time, all web-applications was done by PHP(*). Now? Many switched to node.js and javascript frameworks like React. Why? Because it is more productive and better. So, PHP the mighty once upon a time leader was not protected from competition..
(*} And a database. There is always a SQL database behind the scenes of all web-applications.

Fury cat : There are so much interesting things in your project and one of them is RELL . why you choose RELL instead of SQL?

Or Perelman : Many developers know sql but not many like sql, so we decided to make a language which is similar but 7x more compact 😉

Zhang Wei : Q. Chromia has many good partners and provide many solutions for bank and government at Europe, how do you convince them choose your project as solution?

Or Perelman : Track record and novelty of the tech, it makes it easier for them to integrate to their legacy systems IE relational dbs they already have

Henrik Hjelte : Oh, BTW SQL is the worlds top 3 language according to the annual stackoverflow survey, only beaten by HTML and javascript. Solidity is not even on the top 20 list. If you know SQL, learning Rell/Chromia is super-easy.
SQL Is a bit ugly though, so yes as Or said, we did improve on it and make it a bit sexier, more compact and more secure.

Yoo — In Na : How will your team ensure that Chromia remains the top platform and keep pace ahead of your competitors, in the next 5 years and beyond?
Can you please highlight more on the decentralization aspect using your technology. Also in the future, is it possible to quantify the level of decentralization and economic incentivization?

Or Perelman : Out of all the new public chains which are coming out we are the only ones that have existing partnerships with big companies which are utilizing us in production. We know both how to sell to enterprises and to developers unlike other public chains, yes we will make sure that we will move out to a decentralize governance model.

Crypyo Boyyyyy : Chromia uses Postchain and Relational model as a solution. What exact problems they solve what are the advantages of this choice?

Or Perelman : Integration to legacy systems, usability and scale, developers dont have to use complex tooling to index and query like they do with ethereum , they dont have to use 2th layer scaling solutions, they dont have to write hundreds lines of codes for simple functions, everything is much simpler with our tech
Oh also wanna mention that we are very active in India
We have existing partnerships with tech giants tech mahindra and Henrik just keynoted in Bangladesh

NonR예나 : Q2.Why did you build chromia what is the motivation for you to start this project? At present, what are the risks affecting the chromia? How do you deal with them to develop projects in long term and attract investors?

Henrik Hjelte : Actually, we not only did Chromia. Before that we did the world’s first protocol for user-created tokens. (The colored-coins project was started and led by our CTO Alex. Vitalik was in the project, Jimmy Song and many more. So we used to boss over the blockchain industry.
What motivates us is that we know how to do blockchain right, we have the best tech, and we really would love to see the vision of blockchain succeed: A more fair world, where our technology can help improve peoples lives, be it with reducing corruption or having user controlled social media. That motivates us all I think.
Or Perelman : We are usually at our channel and will be happy to see everyone there
Henrik Hjelte : Yes, time just isn’t enough to answer all questions. Thanks for posting them though!

Anastasia : Thank you to everyone who participated in the AMA, @henrik_hjelte and @OrperelmanChromaWay for your answers, and @flipORhodlChat@psquare_pramodm for having us!

If you wish to learn more about Chromia, our public relational blockchain platform powered by Rell, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website ( & (!
Enjoy the rest of the day!
Cheers 🙂

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