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The Gath3r AMA

Welcome to the Daily Chain Community AMA where we look to bridge the gap between crypto communities and the core teams of which they support. We are delighted to feature Gath3r in this episode of the series.

The Daily Chain’s founding members and writers are all from the Twitter community having forged these relationships in the harsh conditions of the 2018 bear market . To us community is everything as I detail in this article on the Importance of Communty in Crypto.

Community can also make or break a crypto company. This is why it’s so important for us to help bring people together and celebrate all of the hard work and achievements of a project, with the loyal fan base of supporters that help drive adoption and spread the word.

The following AMA was ran via Twitter and Telegram using the hashtag #AskGath3r. The community could use this hashtag to ask all of the burning questions they wanted to ask Gath3r.

Below are the curated questions and responses from Reggie, CEO of Gath3r.

About Gath3r

We deliver an additional or alternate form of monetization. Since it’s nonintrusive, it doesn’t degrade the user experience. In fact, it enhances it, because your users can now be rewarded just for browsing your website. Get in on the new way to optimize the way you monetize your website now.

The Gath3r hybrid blockchain supports GTH-producing nodes, as well as a turn- key solution enabling anyone to easily start developing on Gath3r, with the in-built functionality of smart-contracts. The more child chains, the more interoperability. This allows the creation of new applications or platforms easily. These features, along with the unique Merged Mining ability, contribute to increased profitability, chain security and decentralization.

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Community AMA: Gath3r

Community AMA: Gath3r

Who do you see as your biggest competitor (inside and outside of crypto)? And how will you separate yourself from them?

 In terms of competitors outside of crypto, they are really the traditional monetization platforms that pay publishers for showing ads. Inside of crypto, since Coinhive closed earlier this year, there aren’t really any platforms that can offer the complexity, profitability and transparency that we do, those being the main differentiators as well. One of the remaining competitors out there that is relatively well known is JSECoin, however they have a disadvantage in the fact that they only mine their own coin, and also only pay out in it, which much less profitable and convenient. We also mine our own coin, however, merged mined with other coins, taking advantage of  other chains and making the whole process much more profitable.

With regards to traditional monetization platforms, the difference is that we do not collect any data on the users and our platform doesn’t hinder user experience as much, as there’s no need to clutter the UI with digital banners of any sort.

Moreover, Gath3r is the first and only platform that combines web-mining with merged mining, making it even more profitable, and creating other opportunities like using that computing power to help smaller chains increase their hashrate. This contributes to increasing the security of the chain in question. There are however other examples of projects that offer security features, like Veriblock (VBK), Komodo (KMD) or Elastos (ELA), although they are using different means. So, it all depends on the needs and capabilities of each individual project, in order for them to choose the best suitable solutions. Or, the newest feature called CPaaS (ComputePower as a Service), which helps businesses with their data processing needs. All in all, Gather offers numerous functions, developed to complement one another and hence offering our platform quite a few differentiators and advantages by creating extra value.

What are the next steps for Gath3r in terms of adoption and growth?

We have been intensely involved in developing new partnerships, with great success up until now, and with even more great ones to be announced shortly. To this end we have also brought on board our new Business Development Manager, Savo Vukcevic.

Additionally, we have made great progress on the tech side, improving the platform and bringing it a step closer to the finished product. Check out this last update regarding this on our blog

Is there an overview of all the websites that are using your technology?

Publicly, no, however we do have internal capabilities of knowing.

The merged mining part looks super interesting! May I ask which coins will be mineable and if it’s only the major coins so far, are there plans to expand this in the future?

Thanks! Right now we know we would add support for CN based coins initially, with others being added later. Possibly SHA -256 as well, but this is not finalized at all. Which coins would you like to see support for?

“Browser mining” gets a bad rap – how do you overcome public perception/ separate Gath3r from that camp?

Hello! The main advantages of Gath3r with regards to this issue are that the platform comes with a built-in, mandatory consent box, similar to the ones for cookies, letting the users know of the process of mining, as well as giving them the opportunity to decline, hence offering transparency. Additionally, Gath3r is built in such a way as to not overburden and wear out the processors of website visitors. We simply use the power of browser mining in a compliant manner.

Who is your “ideal user”?  

The ideal users of our platform (if I understand your question correctly), from our perspective, are websites or apps with a large volume of traffic and lengthy session durations, as these would profit the most from our solution. A few examples would be blog hosting platforms, software companies, streaming sites or website building/hosting companies. 

However, because of the suite of features that we offer, there are other types of users that can use the platform, such as developers that can use our one-stop-shop integration services, businesses that can take advantage of CPaaS, our newest feature for enterprise data processing or smaller chains that can increase their hashrate and increase their protection from 51% attacks through the Merged Mining feature.

Where do you see the clearest path to Gath3r’s adoption?

We believe all aspects of our platform are equally important and serve a very clearly defined need of different entities. The web-miner is of course a very useful tool for monetizing websites and apps, however all the other features like CPaaS or Merged Mining, along with the Masternodes for staking to name a few, are all contributing to a robust ecosystem.

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