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Welcome to the second episode of the Daily Chain Community AMA where we look to bridge the gap between crypto communities and the core teams of which they support. We are delighted to feature ShareRing as the next project in this brand new series.

The Daily Chain’s founding members and writers are all from the Twitter community having forged these relationships in the harsh conditions of the 2018 bear market . To us community is everything as I detail in this article on the Importance of Communty in Crypto.

Community can also make or break a crypto company. This is why it’s so important for us to help bring people together and celebrate all of the hard work and achievements of a project, with the loyal fan base of supporters that help drive adoption and spread the word.

The following AMA ran on Twitter and Telegram using the hashtag #AskShareRing. The community could use this hashtag to ask all of the burning questions they wanted to ask ShareRing.

Below are the curated questions and responses from Tim Bos.

About ShareRing

ShareRing makes sharing and renting services quicker and simpler for everyone by creating an accessible and sustainable global eco-system for the sharing and renting economies. It is the world’s only trusted marketplace for the sharing community available through app and web. And the best bit, it’s free to join!

See below for an introductory video on ShareRing:

How is the App coming along is it all polished and ready for app launch, ie have there been any last min tweaks, plus what functionality can we expect off the bat? 

The app is coming along very well. We’ve been making quite a few last-minute tweaks to the user interface and process. We are planning on releasing a cut-down version of the app to our masternode holders at the end of this week so they can provide feedback on the app and booking processes. The app will include the OneID setup, login, hotel booking, currency selection, and sandbox payment process. From that feedback, we will tweak it further before the pilot release to the top 100 people in the ShareRing waitlist here:

When are you expecting to do the last two MN competitions? I’m fomo’ing at the mouth for one now… Can you consider something other than comps for the further MN’s – maybe something more results/contributions based? I’m ready…

We will launch one within the next week, and the final one will most likely be launched next month. However, we will have a campaign that will significantly reward members who help to grow the ShareRing brand in their region. Stay tuned for this!

The roadmap on the website ends at Q2 2019. When can we expect an updated roadmap? Will the website be renewed/updated after product launch? 

Actually, we are launching a redesigned website which will include a significantly updated roadmap. The designs for the website are finished, and our developers should have it ready for internal testing this week, so we will aim to have it released within the next 2 weeks.

The original plan was to start with B2B. Many providers already signed up last year. The focus changed to B2C and the travel industry. When do you expect B2B to go live on ShareRing? 

We are actually doing B2B in parallel to the travel launch.  We have 2 projects that are already in development and being paid for my our clients. Both are mainly focused around our identity management product, with a roadmap to integrate with the booking engine too. Also, with regard to the travel product, whilst the app is a big focus for the community at the moment, we will also be targeting online travel agents and startups who will want to utilise our platform to provide their users with a better travel experience. This will be more obvious when the website is launched.

Tim, you’ve mentioned a doc that covers some of the tokenomics, specifically around the transaction fee allocations. When will this be available? Plus what is the commission rate for the 50% of masternodes that ShareRing will run?

Thanks for the reminder on this document.  It’s still in draft, with a plan to release it soon after the app is released. We want to make sure we cover all the edge cases in terms of transaction fee’s, pricing, etc before we set it in stone.

When will we see an iOS application released by ShareRing?

Our apps are written in ReactNative, so it’s straight forward for us to release the iOS app after we’ve finalised the Android version. We have a new developer who started last week, his focus is on the iOS release, so I expect it’ll be released very shortly after the Android release.

Tim, when will the website be updated to accommodate queries of non crypto/tg/twitter users? It should be up now imo, the Pioneer Membership comp is struggling with our low number of crypto supporters. Mainstream could at this very moment be networking it to the hills. 

Within the next 2 weeks.. This was answered in another question above.

Can you recap Your recent time at the Frontier Mobility Study Group? What was your main focus? 

I was invited to present to leaders of a number of Japanese vehicle manufacturers, finance organisations, and other companies who have an interest in mobility. My presentation focused on the trends, as well as how blockchain technology can be used to improve efficiency, safety, and costs within the mobility industry. It was received exceptionally well, and as a follow-up, I’ve had multiple meetings with some of these manufacturers who want more information about how ShareRing can assist them.

How many real world partnerships do you have confirmed now? Including those under NDA or still to be announced? How will you be on-boarding them all smoothly, is there any technical limitations to the number of providers, or will this scale with MN numbers?

Excluding the direct hotel relationships, existing Keaz clients/partners, and service providers such as Amazon, Google, etc, we have 7 significant signed partnerships, and 9 more significant partnerships that are in final negotiations. There are others that are in early discussions, or too small to mention here.

With mainnet and the app release just around the corner, what features excite you the most and what has been the biggest hurdle in getting everything completed on time? 

The feature that excites me the most is our identity management product (codenamed OneID). This will simplify so many things for travellers, including the booking process, handover process, check-in process, and even things like eVisa applications.

How many transactions would the team be hoping for on the blockchain in 12 to 24 months from now? And when will more Masternodes be available to interested people, 40 to 50 was mentioned previously as a solid number for a sound consensus

12-24 months from now is impossible to predict. I’d be disappointed if we saw anything less than about 500,000 booking related transactions per month (ie. no including simple transfers, etc).

When will the buybacks begin and how frequent will they be? 

Our target is for them to start occurring by November. They’ll be at random intervals, dependant on how much SHR needs to be distributed to the masternode holders.

With the Masternodes, if someone didnt buy 2 mil tokens in presale/main sale, can they top off on exchanges to qualify for a masternode or did they need to buy 2 mil during the seed/pre/main sale to qualify?

There is a minimum 2mil SHR staking requirement if you have a masternode. Having 2m SHR doesn’t automatically give you a masternode though. You still need to win the license in one of our competitions.

It’s important that companies are transparent to their Shareholders. Is there also a SWOT analysis available of ShareRing?

We don’t have a formal SWOT analysis, but it’s something we analyse on an ongoing basis. I’ll suggest to the team that we could possibly look at publishing some of this info for our new regular updates.

I’d like to thank Tim for his time.

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