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Welcome to the first ever Daily Chain Community AMA where we look to bridge the gap between crypto communities and the core teams of which they support. We are delighted to feature V-ID as the first project in this brand new series.

The Daily Chain’s founding members and writers are all from the Twitter community having forged these relationships in the harsh conditions of the 2018 bear market . To us community is everything as I detail in this article on the Importance of Communty in Crypto.

Community can also make or break a crypto company. This is why it’s so important for us to help bring people together and celebrate all of the hard work and achievements of a project, with the loyal fan base of supporters that help drive adoption and spread the word.

The following AMA was ran via Twitter and Telegram using the hashtag #AskVIDT. The community could use this hashtag to ask all of the burning questions they wanted to ask V-ID.

Below are the curated questions and responses from Marnix and Pim.

About V-ID

The V-ID validation service uses blockchain technology to tackle the problem of document fraud. V-ID utilizes general and trusted principles to enable validation and verification for any digital file. V-ID has already established a working product, that is used in various industries, such as legal, education, medical, research, and tech, serving customers like Airbus Space & Defence, Krohne and JWC Superyachts, among others.

For a quick 2 minute introduction to the V-ID project click here.

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Community AMA: V-ID

Community AMA: V-ID

Are you currently planning on implementing any new use cases for $VIDT, in order to even further increase the utility of the token? 

Always! Currently we are working on a big IoT / Blockchain project, an automated invoicing project and on a customer due diligence project, but there is much more in the pipeline.

Will V-ID be using some kind of interoperability to connect with the various blockchains it currently acesses and is there any more blockchains to be added?

All anchoring already happens automatically in the background. All we have to do is check a mark on which blockchains a publishing organisation wants to anchor. The fees for storing data in the V-ID smart contract, powered by Ethereum are standard, storing file fingerprints in DigiByte, Bitcoin or LTO Network requires an extra VIDT fee.

Will there be more token utility in the future?

For now we focussed on B2B, but as our roadmap stated, a B2C platform is in the pipeline. One of the goals there is to make validations possible for consumers, which would be paid directly with the VIDT that is already distributed. Furthermore we are making a shift to a much broader course that will enable a boost for V-ID/VIDT adoption.

Is there any plan to work with IBM?

Yes, we are currently working on a pilot with IBM, on this IBM promo website they revealed more info on V-ID / LTO / Digital Mainport / IBM Circular Economy Data Network collaboration: 

Internet of Environments.

We also have a first user for the platform in the real estate sector, which we can reveal somewhere in the coming weeks.

When official TG community?

As you might know, it requires a lot of resources/time to keep a telegram community running well. We choose to apply the resources we have for running the business side, finding new clients and partners and development instead. Our philosophy from the start has been the frequent delivery of good news around our accomplishments as a business, which we think of as the fundamental positive force behind V-ID’s success. Perhaps in the future we will hire an experienced community manager who will be working on this full-time.

Thanks to the very energetic and optimistic VIDT team. You said in 2020 VIDT time becomes STO, so any plan to list the Token as a traditional stock.. and any plan to make government agencies file validation soon..

Though much depends on regulatory and legal restraints and options, our intention to provide ways to convert VIDT to actual legal ownership of the V-ID business is serious. Our plans for VIDS are still in development but we do know swapping VIDT to VIDS will be fully optional and they will co-exist! We are not able to give any more details at the moment. 

Concerning government agencies, we could see perfectly sensible use cases for V-ID in governments, and we are talking to some of them. It is very possible that it will bring additional use for V-ID in the future. 

Hello sir, I just want to ask that Is, V-ID is planning to make any new partnerships with bigprojects like Quant, Fantom, Chainlink etc, please give us a hint if you don’t want to reveal the secret so early. 

We are building new partnerships as we speak, but you know the saying: If you want to make the crypto Gods laugh, tell them your plans 🙂

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