Justin Announces the Release of Tron 4.0: Could He Be Competing with Vitalik’s ETH 2.0


Today, TRON founder Justin Sun has caused a buzz in the crypto sphere with an interesting tweet that stated; “TRON 4.0 is coming!”

The tweet from Sun was met with ridicule from some in the twitter community, with a user named Crypto Whale tweeting:

“When you try competing with ETH 2.0, so you invent some bogus update for your shitcoin.”

However, this highlights TRON’s ambition to create the next generation of Internet entertainment. 

Indeed, TRON envisions a platform that is no longer based on centralized servers and gated content, allowing entertainment to be stored directly on their blockchain.

Users on TRON can have access to their favourite content creators in a way that could not be regulated by a 3rd party content host. The TRON Foundation is designing this system to operate within their blockchain software, with TRX sub-tokens available on their own standard. 

In their bid to create a fully decentralized blockchain, TRON has over the past few years continued to announce active partnerships and to attract content creators to their network. 

Could TRON 4.0 Overtake Ethereum?

The latest move towards TRON 4.0 will effectively enable the creation of an internal economy in which users can create their currencies, and integrate gaming within the blockchain. 

This would allow a free transfer of currencies in and out of the network – fully monetizing the virtual currency therein.

With an operational product and an active user base, we may very well see TRON rise above and into new heights with the imminent launch of its 4.0 version, perhaps even overtaking Ethereum in the development of decentralized applications (dApps). 

In fact, Udi Wertheimer, a bitcoin influencer and independent developer, made a controversial prediction at the start of this year, claiming that TRON will displace Ethereum in developing decentralized apps in 2020.

“Watching Justin Sun discussing Tron+Poloniex. Tron is *so* going to flippen Ethereum in the next year or so, it’s not even funny,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, Ethereum 2.0, which should make it scalable, and capable of supporting many more users, has encountered numerous delays due to technical issues. Although originally slated for January 2020, it was pushed back to Q2, and then again to Q3 2020.

TRON is Strong in the Dapps Race

As Ethereum strives to be a “world computer,” TRON aims to accomplish this feat as well, but with more of a focus on decentralized entertainment. 

A good case for TRON overtaking ETH in the Daaps market comes from the fact that so far, TRON has more blocks and transactions, is fast in development and has numerous use cases, as well as a proven record of being censorship-resistant so far.

Moreover, TRX continues to break records and hit new milestones even during the worldwide pandemic. According to a recent announcement by Misha Lederman, Director of Marketing at Tron Wallet, the network recorded its highest daily increase of new accounts on April 19, 2020. 

TRON continues to make promising strides in the blockchain market, with a recent report that looked at the state of Dapps in the year revealing that the platform has now overtaken fellow smart contract platform EOS for the first time, with a total of 637 active Dapps currently supported.

Wayne Jones
Wayne is a Blockchain enthusiast and expert in crypto trading. Currently, I cover trendy issues on digital currencies.

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