DERO Launch New Roadmap for 2019/2020


DERO today announced a new and updated roadmap detailing the key milestones that they plan to achieve over the next 2 years. The team had already been hard at work having deployed Smart Contracts and their signature Dero Virtual Machine, or DVM,  on their testnet.

The DVM is designed to support Private Smart Contracts where everything is hidden, eg parties, and information involved. DERO state on their github that they developers will be able to “create puzzles, games, voting, markets, store registries of debts or promises, move funds in accordance with instructions given long in the past (like a will or a futures contract) and many other ideas/things that have not been invented yet, all without a middleman or counterparty risk.”

Many DERO supporters have been eagerly awaiting this release onto their mainnet and they won’t have long to wait as it’s one of the first goals on the roadmap. Many suggestions for improvements and optimization have been put forward to the DERO development team over the last few months and will be implemented before mainnet release.

Adoption and usability seem to be of key importance for 2019 with the introduction of mobile and iOS wallets as well as 2FA. Moving towards 2020, the team look to implement human readable DERO addresses and an encrypted messaging service making the product easier for the end user.

Scalability and security are prominent on this roadmap as the team look to scale in accordance with global infrastructure and also reduce the blockchain sync time/size and utilisation.

Another key factor that stands out is the fact that this roadmap also has an element of flexibility and the team are happy to add new features as can be read in the side note “Dero Roadmap can be updated based on community inputs and technological advancements.” It is this openness of the project that has helped it build a strong community as the team are willing to listen to community member’s suggestions and will implement them if they feel it will enhance and improve the technology.

The DERO Foundation has been in progress since early Q4 2018 and is still seen as a huge milestone for the project. I am told this is currently in the process of being set up and more details will be announced soon.

New partnerships and exchanges have also been highlighted as ongoing and this should become more prominent with the team’s marketing push.

I last spoke to The Captain, lead developer, around December 2018 and when asked about what 2019 holds for the project he stated “more changes will be there in the future to further improve performance and scalability. There are some awesome plans for Dero in 2019.”

Looking at the ambitious roadmap below it’s clear that The Captain meant what he said. DERO is all about driving innovation and if they manage to achieve what they have set out over the next two years then it could become a household name in the space.

For more information on the DERO project be sure to read our review which also contains a brief interview with The Captain here.

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Alex Libertas

Alex Libertas
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