DigiByte Foundation Gets a Boost For Accelerated Adoption With Safe Haven Partnership


On Feb 19, 2020, the DigiByte Foundation announced a remarkable partnership with Safe Haven, the developer of the DeFi solution for an inheritance, asset distribution, and asset control on the blockchain.

According to the report, the collaboration will include the subsequent integration of their inheritance platform (inheriti) on the DigiByte blockchain and future SafeKey support on DigiByte support systems.

Safe Haven is a digital management organization focusing on building crypto-asset solutions such as inheritance, pooling, hardware, and management platforms.

The collaboration will allow Safe Haven to function as a Gold Sponsor for the DigiByte Foundation, while also utilizing the DigiByte (DGB) blockchain for storing inheritance shares. 

The Safe Haven team stated that while the platform is currently in BETA testing and will be released for public BETA shortly, users can obtain a SafeKey at the SafeKey Web Store and pay with DigiByte in the meantime. 

DGB is one of the most enduring and completely decentralized blockchain projects in the crypto space, and the startup remains devoted to nurturing mainstream adoption of distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Its an Important Boost For Both Parties

Safe Haven as a Gold Sponsor of the DigiByte will also support the blockchain startup with resources to develop key projects, and it will also roll out a special edition of its SafeKey hardware device for DigiByte Foundation.

Inheriti is projected to be available on the DGB Blockchain towards the end of this year, and DigiByte also plans to secure a Safe Haven Legacy Node for the next two years. 

The Foundation stressed the importance of using Safe Haven Inheritance Platform, affirming that Inheriti is crucial in terms of security enhancement.

The additional layer of protection and patented internal storage to be leveraged by DigiByte through the partnership can encrypt shares of private keys, passwords, and account details.

DigiByte Pushes For Wider Blockchain Adoption

Earlier in the year, Jared Tate, the founder of DigiByte, met with the United States government in Washington DC concerning distributed ledger technology (DLT). The meeting involved plans to create more awareness about the DGB platform, protect the decentralization of the blockchain, and promote the wider adoption of its ecosystem.

The DigiByte project has experienced its fair share of turbulence, as DGB was recently delisted by Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange after Jared Tate engaged in a Twitter combat with Justin Sun, Tron’s founder and co-owner of Poloniex.

That said, recent developments such as the Tate meeting with U.S officials, along with the new partnership with Safe Haven, indicate DGB is pushing ahead for wider adoption of its blockchain. 

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