EOS Community Set to Enjoy High Speed as Block.One Releases EOSIO 2.0

0 announces the release of a stable version of EOSIO 2, with the newest EOS VM integration for massive performance enhancement.

The blockchain solutions provider said that EOSIO 2 was built with developers in mind and will create a faster, simpler, and more secure platform to build on EOS. 

According to the latest reports, EOSIO Version 2.0 release has been updated to a more stable version with security, stability, and other miscellaneous fixes. The released notes on GitHub stated:

“These protocol upgrades necessitate a change to the state database structure, which requires a nodeos upgrade process that involves more steps than in the case of most minor release upgrades.”

EOSIO has been consistently scaling ever since it launched in 2017, and is now 16 times faster than it was then.

What are the New Features Added?

There are several features included in EOS 2.0. First, EOS 2.0 will consist of EOS VM, and a new purpose-built WebAssembly engine specialized for blockchain applications. With this new engine, EOSIO chains will be able to increase resource efficiency while processing smart contracts and consequently increase performance by 16 times compared to EOSIO 1.0. 

Secondly, EOS 2.0 will also come with EOSIO Quickstart Web IDE- a self-contained, web-based integrated development environment for building EOSIO smart contracts and web applications. EOS 2.0 will also feature a WebAuthn Support-a widely accepted secure authentication standard that enables transaction signing without browser extensions or additional software. With this, EOSIO users will be able to sign transactions directly with WebAuthn, allowing a level of security for private keys still unseen in any blockchain. Weighted-Threshold-Multi-Signature (WTMsig) Block Production will also be included in EOS 2.0 to enable block producers to support redundant infrastructure by signing blocks on primary and backup block production hardware. 

EOS Continues to Improve

Dan Larimer, the CFO at, stated last year that EOSIO developers are currently working on solving issues that Ethereum 2.0, which won’t launch for at least two more years, hasn’t even begun considering. 

The added features mentioned above make notably a set of intelligent contract engines based on WebAssembly, EOS 2.O quite superior than its predecessor and Ethernet’s EVM. Compared to EOS 1.0, EOS-VM will increase the speed of smart contracts by 12 times.  

With the launch of an upgraded platform, EOS community members can now download EOSIO 2 rc1 and utilize it both on testnet and non-critical EOS nodes.

EOSIO 2 will also feature a quick-start development tool that will allow new developers to get into a ready-to-build mode in minutes.

Wayne Jones
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