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Everything You Need to Know About Bethereum


Bethereum came from humble beginnings in March 2017 as a decentralized, social-betting platform that cuts out the bookmakers and middlemen, allowing you and fellow sports fans to wager directly against friends and other bettors. Bethereum is based on Ethereum technology and Smart Contracts. This trustless system allows you to place bets on sports and eSports with your friends.

Getting up to Speed: What has Bethereum achieved so far?

Bethereum’s goal is to create an entire new way of betting that transforms sports and eSports betting from complicated, risky, and one-sided into a fair, easy, and secure process that is also fun and done within a friendly community. We believe that Bethereum is the betting platform of the future, and we have been gaining traction towards that goal sooner than expected.


Bethereum has developed industry-leading technology within the betting industry, which helps protect the platform and provide advantages for bettors. We have prevented over 1700 hacking attempts and over 30 bot attacks to date. We have also added eSports and additional features (livestream, chat, match track, to name a few) to our platform, and successfully launched the 1st token-based skill game, Bether-IO, in April of 2019.


Bethereum has launched an airdrop program to reward loyal community members who decide to hold onto their BETHER tokens. The first airdrop of the Bethereum Loyalty Program, which was a double airdrop, was completed successfully in January 2019, with the final airdrop of the first loyalty program completing in September 2019. The program is currently undergoing several changes, and we will release a new model to the full Bethereum platform in the future.


With each iteration, new features are added to the platform, and number of bets placed grows

Competitions have engaged the community and brought new sports and eSports fans, as well as bettors into our growing community. Competitions to date include the following:


At the very beginning, we decided to create a Bounty Campaign that isn’t just a spreadsheet or a Google document. The success exceeded even our most optimistic expectations. In the first 48 hours, we’ve hit every rate limit on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram. In addition to this, we’ve successfully resisted 1,649 hacking attempts and 21 bot attacks. We had to limit the signups after we reached 50 000 users! But we did not stop there…


Screenshot from the first iteration of the Bethereum platform, Bounty Bet, March 2018

With this extraordinary interest our fans showed for Bethereum, we felt obligated to create something extra for our forever-growing community. Although it wasn’t in our roadmap, we’ve taken the extra initiative and created the Bethereum Community Betting game. Using the points gathered in the Bounty campaign, fans could multiply their earnings by betting on the chosen matches in several leagues and sports. The Community Betting game not only served as a quick preview of our betting platform, but mostly as a test as it was already running on blockchain technology — the Ethereum test chain (Ropsten). The Betting Smart Contracts were independently audited, and the code was released to GitHub for all of you to see.


The 2018 World Cup Betting game began with players all starting with the same amount of points so they could bet on any national team participating in the World Cup, and compete for a massive 6 million Bether tokens in prizes! There were 5,150 players from 104 various countries registered on the platform, underlining our global ambitions. The World Cup betting game recorded over 117,000 bets. The largest pot was 1.9 million points, and the total betting volume exceeded 21 million! The Betting Smart Contracts were independently audited, and the code was released to GitHub for everyone to view.


The 3 mascots chosen by the community and the team

The Bethereum Mascot Contest asked the Bethereum community to create a new and unique mascot design for Bethereum. Over 30 submissions were received and the winners, chosen in March of 2019, received 50,000 BETHER tokens. 2,000 BETHER tokens were also given to those who reached the top 10 in the competition.


Over 200 photos from Betherans placing bets all around the globe

To engage the community and spread the platform throughout social media channels, we held the #BethereumAnywhere competition on Twitter, where we asked our community to post a photo of them using the platform in interesting places. 25,000 BETHER tokens were awarded to the two leading photos each month of the contest. From the local markets to museums to professional sporting events, the Bethereum platform has been captured in action all around the world. View the photos here!


To reward, build, and engage the Bethereum community, we launched the Bethereum Gaming Contest. To date we have run several iterations of the Bethereum Gaming Contest, awarded millions of BETHER tokens as prizes, and processed over a million bets.

In March of 2019, support was added for eSports. The Community Betting game not only served as a quick preview of our betting platform, but mostly as a test, as it was already running on blockchain technology — the Ethereum test chain (Ropsten).


Community members can now wager points on eSports contests on the Bethereum platform, and so far, there have been 2 eSports Cups. Contestants showcased their eSports knowledge by wagering points on top eSports events around the world to win BETHER tokens and prizes from partners.


Events, from blockchain conferences to award ceremonies, present multiple opportunities for the Bethereum brand and team, from networking to funding to gaining recognition and attention from winning awards.

We have participated in the following events and received the following awards:


  • Voted #1 Most Promising Betting Platform in 2019 (E-Sport Betting Coin poll) in January 2019
  • Voted Best Blockchain Gaming Platform for 2019 (CoinWorldStory) in February 2019
  • Top 6 projects for the NY Hype accelerator program in June 2019
  • CEEGC Awards Finalist in August 2019
  • Best Pitch Award at the HYPE NY in September 2019
  • Best Blockchain Startup of the Year at CESAwards (regionals) in September 2019
  • Best Cryptocurrency Gaming Platform Provider 2019 at the CEEG awards in September 2019
  • Best Blockchain Startup of 2019 at CESAwards Grand Finale in November 2019
  • Best Startup award at SiGMA iGaming Summit in Malta in November 2019
  • Qualified for top 7 blockchain startup in the world — Global Startup Award (China 2020)


  • 2018 d10E Pitching Competition in Malta (Top 3) in May 2018
  • New York Consensus 2018: We were interviewed by iHeart Radio in May 2018
  • 2018 ICO Race Finalist (Top 5) in June 2018
  • eTrend Startup of the Month in June 2018
  • Best Cryptocurrency Gaming Platform Provider 2018 at the CEEG awards in September 2018
  • Best Blockchain Solution of 2018 at the BEGExpo, November 2018

We have dedicated a whole section of our medium channel for conferences and awards. Read more here.


22 Fan clubs around the world

Working with the crypto community has taught us the importance of recognising diversity and developing ways of communicating across many languages. We make it a priority to allow people access to information even if they are not native English speakers. What started off as an initiative from our #1 Fan, continued with Bethereum expanding to over 20 international communities, based on our helpful Telegram bot’s analytics!

Join one of our amazing international communities or read more about them here.


Bethereum has built deep relationships with experts, companies, and blockchain projects over the past three years. Our current and past partners include Blockfyre (strategy and marketing), TheDailyChain (strategy and marketing), Score24 (Data feed provider), and Sorare (prize partner for 2nd Bethereum eSport Cup).

We will continue to develop relationships and partnerships to give the Bethereum community unique prizes and opportunities that are not available anywhere else, adding to the appeal of betting exclusively on Bethereum.

About the Bethereum Platform

Betting on sports and eSports has never been more simple and intuitive

Bethereum aims to become the leading social betting platform on the market. However, our vision does not stop there. Learn more below about what we stand for, how Bethereum works, and what makes us special!


Betting has been around for thousands of years, yet the betting industry continues to grow and evolve around the world. Through its unique combination of risk, excitement, and potential financial gain, betting has been blessed with everlasting appeal. The global betting and gambling market is worth a massive 3 trillion USD (80% of which underground). Although it is a huge business, the online betting industry is plagued by multiple problems. There is an overall perception of unfairness due to security issues, lack of transparency and social character, skewed odds, high fees, and low returns. This presents an opportunity for blockchain-based platforms like Bethereum to provide real solutions as the industry continues to grow.

If you are interested in the history of betting, read our series of articles here.


The Bethereum solution leverages blockchain technology to ensure the safest and most transparent betting experience. There is no middleman involved in Bethereum: Players place their bets, and provide liquidity for fulfilling payouts. Unlike other operators, especially with eSports (where setting the odds is extremely difficult), we don’t need to tackle the issue of setting odds, as they are determined by the players.


Watch your eSports matches live on the Bethereum platform

1. Working platform

Bethereum is much more than a concept. Bethereum is an actual betting platform that has been successfully tested over the past couple of years. Over 2 million bets have been placed on the F2P Bethereum platform in contests, and the paid version of the platform is expected to be released in Q1 2020. Additional games, abilities, and aspects of our network will continue to be released.

2. Gamification

Bethereum makes betting more fun than it ever has been before. Bethereum is attempting to deliver the most intuitive and innovative betting platform on the market, supporting content ranging from sport betting to eSports, and even third-party games (e.g., casino). Using powerful gamification elements, we deliver players a truly rewarding experience that includes, chatting, leaderboards, badges, unique prizes based on standings, and much more.

3. Broad ecosystem

Bethereum caters to a wide range of bettors. Our vision is to develop a broad B2C ecosystem, followed by B2B. For this reason, we are creating a platform for casual and enthusiast bettors, high rollers, white-label customers, third-party game providers, and marketing affiliates — all fueled by our ERC223 Bether token.

Find out more about our competitive advantages here.


Life is a game, and we believe that betting will always be a part of it. Bethereum is about more than betting. We believe in the importance of versatility and scalability. Bethereum has already expanded from sports betting to games to eSports, and there will be opportunities to continue to expand to third-party games.

Bethereum welcomes casual bettors, high rollers, eSports fans, third-party developers and affiliates, and more. Bethereum is fueled by our ERC223 digital token: BETHER.


Bethereum is focused on building the best possible social betting platform and community. However, a strong business model is required to build a sustainable and thriving business. Our business model is based on the following revenue streams:

  • Fees (e.g. sponsored groups and bets, in app purchases for special services, High Roller Club)
  • Commissions (partners adopting the Bethereum Core Framework)
  • Revenue sharing (third-party developers)

BETHER has a finite supply of 1B tokens, and is not able to be mined. Fully compatible with the ERC20 standard, it is easily transferable and storable in widely used Ether wallets. Players will enjoy a low fee, taken out of the winnings.

Read the details in the following articles: Whitelabels and affiliates and Business model.

What are we currently working on?

(January, 2020)

Bethereum has everything needed to submit for a Curacao betting license, and we are preparing our paid platform for launch, which has been years in the making. We expect the paid platform to elevate activity on the Bethereum network and raise our profile within the blockchain world. The gaming contests and years of development have all been leading up to this moment, and there will be many more additions coming to Bethereum in the near future.

A sneak peak of the new bet ticket, that will be added with the release of the paid platform

Among other features, you can already enjoy a detailed bet result card added to My Bets section, various Bet Slip improvements and fixes, a better chat user experience, clearer live match indicator, and much more. You are welcome to read the detailed release notes here.

What do you want to see on Bethereum? The team would love to hear your suggestions for more features and matches, send them to us here.

The highlights of our accomplishments above are just the tip of the iceberg. We are thankful for you taking the time to learn about our social betting community, and grateful for our dozens of fan clubs around the world.

Here on our Medium Publication, we frequently post articles on Bethereum, sports, betting, blockchain, and topics that are closely related to what we do. We take an open and transparent approach. Transparency is one of our core values, which is why you can expect nothing but honesty across all our channels! Read our special series on American football (now supported on Bethereum) here!

Don’t miss an update or opportunity! Stay updated. Follow us on FACEBOOKTWITTERREDDITYOUTUBE, and subscribe to our NEWSLETTER. Have questions about Bethereum? Get your answer in minutes by joining our official Telegram group here.

Although much has changed and we have grown over the past three years, learn more about Bethereum and the foundation we were built upon by reading our articles on the Bethereum blog.

Your Bethereum Team

Because life is a game

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