Exclusive: John McAfee Outlines Crypto’s Weak Point and Who Satoshi Could be


John McAfee is one of the more prominent, and colorful, cryptocurrency commentators of our time. The former Anti-virus mogul has often split the community on his bold and brash predictions and musings, but it would be hard to doubt his fundamental blockchain and cryptocurrency know-how. 

In a recent podcast with The Daily Chain, McAfee spoke about the one glaring weakness in the cryptocurrency space – centralized exchanges. He outlined how these exchanges put the entire system at risk to a government shutdown, for even though the technology is safe, centralized exchanges are at the mercy of regulators. 

More so, McAfee also delved into one of the oldest questions surrounding Bitcoin – who is Satoshi Nakamoto. And, on the 11th Birthday of the Bitcoin Whitepaper, McAfee has expressed reasons as to why he thinks he knows the identity of who penned that document. He also explains why he believes Craig Wright, who claims to be Nakamoto, is certainly not. 

Eliminating the one weak point

McAfee, as a big fan of freedom and liberty, does not have much of a soft spot for the sizeable centralized exchange ecosystem that has grown in the cryptocurrency space. That is not to say he is against the businesses, and making money in this way, instead he is concerned at how this industry in the one weak point for cryptocurrency.

“I think that making money is a good thing,” McAfee said on the podcast. “ I have no problem with that, I have no problem with capitalism, I have no problem with CZ at Binance or any of them. They are managing their companies.”

“My problem with the centralized exchange is that they are our weak point in the crypto universe. Governments with the threat – and China has already done it – can shut them all down, governments can hold that over the heads of the centralized exchanges, which they are already doing. They can demand more access, more intrusiveness, more control.”

“This is what governments want. If we allow this, this technology, the blockchain, which is the first technology, the first world-changing technology that has come from the people in the last 75 years. 

“It did not come from a government program or Microsoft, or IBM – F*** no, it came from the people whether you like those people – we all know who they were, and are – whoever Satoshi is, who gives a S***, it is all that crowd that happens to write the paper, they are all normal people and we have to keep this technology with the people.”

Who is the mystery man?

Speaking of the Whitepaper, like many out there, McAfee has his own theories as to who the original creator is. He uses Authorship science as his backing to identify the creator of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

“The number of people who are involved – we all know the names, Craig Wright is involved, yes, he is referenced by Satoshi, we all know who all the people are,” McAfee said. “Satoshi is whoever wrote the paper and signed his name. 

“If you know anything about authorship systems and authorship science, there are always tell. Like, anyone who has read the Bitcoin White Paper will note the spelling of words are spelled differently in England and America, and he uses the Brittish spelling.”

“Also, there is a minority viewpoint on how many spaces after the full stop – most: one space; a few: two spaces. Every single sentence in the whitepaper has two spaces. So we have these two things – the person is obviously British, and there are only two in that crowd that was, and double space? Only one in that crowd did that…”

However, Mark Sugden, on the podcast, put it to Mcafee: “There could be a ploy to obfuscate the identity?”

“But I only gave you two out 1,000s of signs that nobody except if Satoshi was also an authorship scientist would know – you can’t escape them all – this one person is 99% possibility… Craig Wright, less than 1%,” McAfee retorted.

Darryn Pollock
Darryn has been interested in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space since he heard about Bitcoin in 2015. He then decided to use his journalism degree to report on this fascinating fintech space in 2016, and has not looked back since.

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