Fantom Foundation Partners with World Blockchain Innovation Association


Fantom is pleased to announce a partnership with the Worldwide Blockchain Innovation Association (WBIA). The WBIA is a global association focused on public policy coordination around the use of distributed ledger technologies.

The WBIA works with governments, industry, companies and academics to develop solutions for the changes that blockchain will have on many existing structures, frameworks and processes. Fantom and WBIA will work together on UAE and Australian government policy research, evaluation and framework development in the coming months.

This partnership will provide Fantom direct access to WBIA’s expertise and experience in blockchain-related frameworks at government level, supplementing Fantom’s offerings in Dubai and UAE region.

Head of Fanton Innovation Lab, Ashton Hettiarachi said ‘One of the big hurdles slowing blockchain adoption is regulations. If this partnership is able to address at least 1% of these hurdles at a government level, it will be a great win for all of us.”

This partnership announcement comes on the back of a very successful few weeks for Fantom, as we recently announced our partnership with The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum and opening an office in Dubai to better service Dubai and the UAE region.

The partnership also offers WBIA the opportunity to work with Fantom to deliver public policy frameworks towards achieving Dubai’s smart city initiatives.

“The WBIA is delighted to be partnering with Fantom as they develop frameworks to help Dubai achieve and deliver on its smart city initiative. Our goal is to help industry and government create the best policy settings to ensure the full range of benefits are achieved from blockchain related projects for government and the community,” said WBIA executive Director, Stuart Eaton.

The WBIA team

Professor Jason Potts, President of the WBIA

Jason Potts is Professor of Economics at RMIT University and Director of the Blockchain Innovation Hub at RMIT. His research work focuses on the economics of innovation and new technologies, economic evolution, institutional economics, and complexity economics. He has written 5 books and published over 80 articles on topics including growth theory, creative industries, the economics of cities, innovation commons, and recently on crypto-economics and blockchain.

He is the editor of the Journal of Institutional Economics, Vice President of the International Joseph A Schumpeter Society, and a Board Member of Australian Digital Commerce Association. In 2011, Professor Potts contributed to the Beijing Institute for the Science of Science ’Creative Cities Index’ project.

Dr Christopher Berg, Founding Board Member

Chris Berg is a Senior Research Fellow at RMIT and works in the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub. He is also a Senior Fellow with the Institute of Public Affairs and an Academic Fellow with the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance. Dr Berg is the author of five books including The Libertarian Alternative. Dr Berg has been a regular columnist with the Sunday Age and ABC’s The Drum. In addition, his articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The Australian, the Australian Financial Review, and the Sydney Morning Herald, as well as magazines such as Quadrant, Spectator Australia and Overland.

Mr Stuart Eaton, Executive Director of the WBIA

Prior to joining the WBIA, Stuart worked for almost two decades in a variety of professional political roles in Australia, including as a Chief of Staff and in senior advisory positions to Federal Ministers and party leaders, advising on policy areas as diverse as infrastructure, environment, education and foreign affairs; as a lobbyist for a major bipartisan Australian firm; the director of political engagement and communications for a prominent think tank, and on over a dozen election campaigns across Australia.

His professional career has seen him engage with politicians, organisations and businesses in Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Vietnam.

For more information on Fantom Foundation please contact: Ashton Hettiarachi

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