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FomoHunt Integrates DAG Token for Payments


Fomohunt and the Constellation Labs have integrated the DAG token into FomoHunt’s website. This will allow users on FomoHunt to spend DAG tokens on all event tickets, merchandise, and upcoming micro-subscriptions. While the DAG cryptocurrency is currently and ERC-20, FomoHunt will be switching over to the new token in late October when DAG’s main net goes live. 

In a recent interview, FomoHunt CEO James “Digital” Lawrence spoke about the new integration.

“As the crypto space continues to evolve and expand, use cases like will become more important. Spending crypto is the logical step in spreading adoption. We are proud to be one of the first platforms to integrate DAG, and will be working closely with Constellation Labs to migrate the token when main net comes online.”

The DAG token is the latest in a growing list of accepted cryptocurrency payments on the FomoHunt platform. The token currently acts as the binding structure for the Constellation network of state channels and nodes. It allows users to assign value directly to data in a high-throughput ecosystem.



FomoHunt is the cryptocurrency and blockchain discovery portal focusing on approachability and ease of use. Users can easily search for specific coins, events, and influencers. The site offers products via the Merchants page where users can browse from custom artwork and crypto apparel. All goods and services can be purchased in any of the 20 supported coins and tokens.

Constellation Labs

Constellation is a distributed network that enables fast, scalable solutions for organizations who need to process and transfer data securely and build interoperability for connected sensors and devices. As computing moves increasingly to the edge, Constellation provides the only scalable, secure solution for a world with more connectivity, more centralization, and more concentrated risk.

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