ForgingBlock Launches Support for DigiByte With Free Point of Sale Device Promotion


On February 1, 2020, ForgingBlock, which provides credit card-based payment solutions, confirmed that its customers would soon be able to safely, securely, and compliantly accept DigiByte.

Any company currently utilizing ForgingBlock’s payment gateway for disbursement can now accept DigiByte for purchases without having any additional integration.

Bobby Ma, president of ForgingBlock, commended the move by claiming:

“DigiByte’s near-instantaneous transaction speeds, security against counterfeiters and hackers, and persistence in leading and adopting the latest industry technologies further enhance ForgingBlock’s user and merchant experience.”

ForgingBlock offers DigiByte as a payment solution along with BTC and BCH, giving companies an alternate settlement solution that does not rely on traditional bank transfers. 

ForgingBlock also offers stable coin settlement with USDT, as well as in several other digital currencies and traditional credit card service via Tetra Payments, another brand of ForgingBlock Technologies.

Rudy Bouwman, Vice Chairman of the DigiByte Foundation, was excited about the new partnership, reiterating that it would foster crypto adoption because the move brings down the barrier for merchants to start accepting payments with DigiByte and other cryptocurrencies.

By increasingly adding support for more and more cryptos, ForgingBlock is advancing blockchain payments on a global scale, making payments quicker, simpler, and more reliable.

More Details About The ForgingBlock Partnership

The partnership between ForgingBlock Gateway and the DigiByte Foundation & Digibyte Awareness Team also includes offering merchants free Point of Sale devices that are willing to adopt the DigiByte and credit-card payment bundle service. 

Tetra Payments, a brand of ForgingBlock Technologies focusing on providing merchant smart credit-card payment merchant services, offers credit card commission fees that will be 30% lower compared to what a merchant currently accepts.

In present times there are few platforms where cryptos and conventional currencies are integrated. Therefore, this new partnership has set a standard in the payment gateway segment.

DigiByte and its community bring to the table the ability to establish and maintain a sustainable decentralized ecosystem, where aspects like accountability, trustworthiness, honesty, and openness to all stakeholders will be introduced to the integrated payment gateway. 

Why This Is Great News For Crypto 

The e-commerce sector will undoubtedly profit from the introduction of such integrated payment gateways. Since digital currencies are suitable for both buyers and suppliers, more commercial operations can now take place on a universal scale.

With optimum fees on all transactions that occur via the blockchain, a new revolution has started in this technology-driven age. 

Wayne Jones
Wayne is a Blockchain enthusiast and expert in crypto trading. Currently, I cover trendy issues on digital currencies.

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