French High schools to Teach Students about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency


In June, this year, the Ministry Of National Education in France made amendments to its study plan to incorporate the study of cryptocurrency. These changes aim to equip French learners with basic knowledge of cryptocurrency. Teachers are required to teach an introductory course to cryptocurrency to enable the learners to understand the impact of bitcoin on both the French economy as well as the global economy

The ministry will provide the teachers with three explainer videos to assist with the teaching. The three videos will address three areas of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, the currency of the future, is it possible for Bitcoin to replace the Euro? And finally, “Do you trust your currency?

During the course, the students will be expected to compare fiat currencies with bitcoin and also understand the role of cryptocurrencies in the financial world. As cryptocurrencies become more widely used, having at least the basic knowledge is of great importance. 

Cryptocurrencies will only be adopted to be used in day-to-day activities if the general public has a basic understanding of it. Teaching high school students the basics of cryptocurrency will help bring the dream of bitcoin’s mass adoption closer.

Crypto Acceptance in France

France set up a regulatory framework on cryptocurrencies making it the first nation to show real interest in cryptocurrency adoption. A framework to govern cryptocurrencies provides a kind of safety to the traders; this helps them to have more trust in cryptocurrency as they are protected. The French government showed further interest in making their regulatory framework applicable not only in France but in the whole of the European Union.

The 2020 Cryptocurrency Acceptance Boom in France

Over the years, most of the crypto activity has been selling when the prices are high and buying when they are low. However, the main aim for all cryptocurrencies is mass adoption, the ability to be used for day to day activities such as paying for your grocery or your morning cup of coffee. 

A cryptocurrency acceptance boom is expected in France early next year. An approximate of 25000 retail outlets of at least 30 brands is set to start accepting crypto payment next year. This will be a significant boost in the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

Initially, people will be able to pay using bitcoin, which will be immediately converted to Euros and sent to the business person. The East2PlayPayment solution, as well as the EasyWallet app developed in partnership with Global POS, will make this adoption possible.

Anna Larsen
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