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Where do your loyalties lie?

Everyone has their product or service of choice. Some people swear by Android, but others couldn’t imagine life without an iPhone. For many, Twitter is the best social media platform available – no matter how many instagram diehards disagree. 

When there are so many different, passionate fan bases it raises some interesting questions, but one sticks out in particular. What makes someone keep coming back?

Of course, there is more than one answer. Some people care about specs, others about looks. However, there is a key characteristic of every product and service that is essential to draw in users and keep them engaged: The user experience.

No one is going to use a product that doesn’t do what they want, how they want. Designers know this, and do everything they can to craft something that meets the consumers needs. 

Over the last few years, gamification has become more prominent in different sectors. It’s a powerful tool to increase user satisfaction and retention. 

Bethereum, a blockchain based sports and eSports betting platform, are using gamification to boost user experience on their platform. We’re going to take a look at what gamification is, how it works, and how Bethereum are using it to make your betting experience better and more enjoyable. 

Gamification is scientifically proven to increase user engagement, customer retention, and service profitability

What is gamification?

Gamification is the process of transforming something that already exists by integrating game mechanics. The aim is to improve existing products and services by using the same data-driven techniques used by game designers, and implementing these techniques into the product or service. This has been proven to increase retention and engagement in existing businesses. 

It’s not about turning a business into a game. It’s about increasing the effectiveness of existing business aspects by integrating proven concepts that can help with product success. Gamification is scientifically proven to increase user engagement, customer retention, and service profitability.

In a similar vein, C. M. Sashi, an America based marketing researcher, found that businesses are able to increase customer loyalty and retention by building a form of social media into their platform. 

Businesses are beginning to test out gamification for many reasons, such as to strengthen user relationships, increase sales, grow the number of overall users, increase customer satisfaction and much more. 

Bethereum and gamification 

Bethereum, a media partner of The Daily Chain, is a blockchain based platform that is leveraging gamification to try and make the betting experience more engaging and enjoyable than ever before. 

If you don’t already know, Bethereum developed a peer-to-peer betting platform based on the blockchain, that is focussed on providing a new way to bet on sports and esports. The Bethereum team believes that by implementing gamification into betting, they can offer an unrivaled betting user experience… and science indicates exactly that. 

How does it work?

Gamification presents clear goals to the user, that creates desire to compete and triumph. These goals encourage users to be more active. Gamification elements introduce incentives for users to come back and play again, and they are also a powerful tool for user retention. Once players have their rank and achievements other players recognize, they are less likely to migrate to another platform, on which they will have to earn their rank and social status all over again.

This is a win win. Users have a better time on the platform and can’t wait to come back. In return, this helps the Bethereum platform grow. 

Entering Esports Bethereum’s Path to Growth
Bethereum’s solution is designed to appeal to different types of players

How Bethereum is using gamification 

Bethereum’s solution is designed to appeal to different types of players, and to provide the most rewarding and immersive experience possible. Many powerful gamification elements have already been implemented into the platform, and many more will be added. Here are a few of these gamification elements:


The core concept is rewarding users for being great. Essentially, users can win or earn digital badges through completing tasks and showing loyalty. As we’ve already shown, badges are research-proven to be a successful gamification technique. 

Ranks & Leaderboards

Users can show their worth by earning ranks. This increases the desire to interact and level up the leaderboard, and creates a fun social competition. 


Every now and then, Bethereum will host special events where there will be extra incentives to join in, like exclusive rewards. Users will want to join in when special events are live to claim the limited-time benefits. 


By integrating social elements, the community grows and becomes stronger. Bethereum bring leaderboards, live chats and more to build relationships between users, and increase engagement and competitiveness. Further, there is even a built-in social media sharing option, that encourages users to show off their success and introduce their friends to Bethereum. 

Other betting platforms have missed the trick

In terms of bringing gamification to the betting space, Bethereum stands out from the crowd. Could this be the edge that Bethereum needs to beat the competition? 

Alex Aves
The Daily Chain

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Alex Aves
Alex is a crypto enthusiast that has been enthralled with the crypto space for over two years now. He currently works in the marketing team for Liquid, one of the leading crpytocurrency exchanges.

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