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Gath3r are a web mining project who aim to deliver an alternative or additional method of monetization for publishers. They describe themselves as “The next Era of Web monetization with Decentralized Blockchains, Merged Mining, Smart contracts, Interoperability and Masternodes.”

By choosing to implement Gath3r onto a website, simply by adding a piece of code, a publisher can give the user the option to actively mine cryptocurrencies whilst they are browsing. Transparency is a key component of Gath3r’s strategy as the user can only start mining by choosing to opt in, confirming that they are aware their CPU will be utilised in this process.

This new method of website monetization is an alternative the current traditional method of display advertising. Display advertising is often intrusive and can have a negative effect on a user’s browsing experience (think News publications who suffer from slow load times due to too many adverts on the page). By eliminating the need to use these adverts and offering a financially beneficial alternative to both publisher and user, Gath3r hope to capitalise on an increasingly tech savvy generation.

You can find more information in a brief introductory video below:

I sat down with Reggie, CEO of Gath3r, to discuss the project more.

What is your role and how did you begin working for Gath3r?

As CEO, I wear many hats as the buck stops with you, but my main role is mainly on the strategy and marketing side. I focus more on the long-term goals for Gath3r. I conceptualized the idea of Gath3r, when one of the startups I work with had problems with monetization. After doing research, I found Coinhive, but I knew in its native form it would never be accepted by Publishers. As such, I got the initial founders together and we tweaked the model to make more Publisher friendly.

Can you briefly summarise the project and the key issues that you aim to tackle?

Gath3r adopts a new approach to in-browser mining with the introduction of a versatile native coin along with merged mining. This allows new and existing coins to use Gath3r’s hashrate. Ultimately, this new model provides better profitability for web-miners, less centralization, improved security, cheaper additional hashrate and a solution to a host of other issues commonly associated with new coins and low hash rates.

With the rising popularity of BAT’s Brave browser and now web mining on sites like The Pirate Bay and Unicef, do you believe we are beginning to see a shift away from traditional display advertising?

An early shift is happening but a complete shift is on the horizon,  however we are surely seeing an increase in interest and level of knowledge on the publisher’s side. I believe this will only increase as blockchain technology and its applications keep rising and gaining more adoption.

How much interest are you seeing from content producers in choosing your product over AdSense for example?

There is certainly a lot of interest and curiosity coming from publishers, as the platform does have its undeniable utility and can bring them an extra revenue stream. Further adoption will all depend on keeping the process as simple and as profitable as possible for publishers.

I’ve often commented that the key to crypto mass adoption is to provide products with a seamless user experience. This seems to be a common theme and goal for Gath3r – can you discuss your views behind the importance of user experience?

I agree completely with this, it is of paramount importance in retaining our clients, as after piquing their interest and getting them to try out the platform, it needs to provide a seamless process of usage, involving everything from actual mining, to the withdrawal process and support. It is definitely one of the most important aspects in the long term success of our platform and one of our main focuses when building and designing it.

Can you explain the concept of ‘merged mining’ in a little more detail and the benefits of this?

Merged mining is the process of allowing two different cryptocurrencies based on a similar algorithm to be mined concurrently. This allows low hash powered crypto currencies to increase their hashing power by bootstrapping onto more popular crypto currencies, as well as increasing chain security for both networks.

How do you plan to utilise smart-contracts within your ecosystem?

Every child chain that comes into existence from forking of Gath3r, will always include the base logic from the Gath3r parent chain. In such logic there would be a layer of interoperable smart-contracts,  – With more Child chains, the more interoperability you create. A simple use case for a smart on Gath3r would be for both the issuance and settlement of Local credit between a supplier and producer who both have child chains on Gath3r.

I sincerely thank Reggie for his time.

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