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Gath3r Bi-Monthly Update – 12/9


To honour our Media Partnership with Gath3r we bring you this edition of their Bi-Monthly Update to share all of the updates the team have been working on:

Video with Reggie, CEO of Gath3r

The Daily Chain AMA With The Gath3r Team

  • The Daily Chain is hosting an AMA with us on their Twitter page, where anyone can ask us anything regarding the platform, tech, roadmap or any other info you might find useful. Follow their page for live updates and don’t forget to participate here. We look forward to your questions!

New Series On Digital Advertising

  • Reggie and our partner Alex from The Daily Chain will be launching a new series focused on everything about the state of digital advertising today. Based on their experience in the industry they will discuss the hottest subjects affecting it today. As a media partner, The Daily Chain website will also integrate Gath3r as an additional revenue stream. This integration will help improve the user experience on the website by reducing the number of ads. 

New EAP Applications – Possible EAP Reopening

  • As we keep getting quite a lot of new applications for the web-miner through our EAP form, as well as inquiries through our social channels, we are considering reopening the XMR-only web-miner for the moment, as we keep working on updating the final version. Stay tuned for another announcement regarding this.

Gath3r Update Blog Will Come Out Bi-Monthly

  • Our Update Blog will be coming out once every two weeks instead of weekly. In order to keep it as relevant as possible, we wish to cover only the most important updates and provide more material for our followers.

A Look Into The Design of the Gath3r Tokenomics

Gath3r utilizes the native GTH token to move from being a one dimensional web miner to a more complex and composite ecosystem where merge mining and compute power as a service (CPaaS)  is also possible. Token metrics were designed with all stakeholders in mind to ensure that the demand for token is constant, by requiring GTH to access the various parts of the Gath3r network. Initially, GTH would be required as payment for merge mining for auxiliary chains, staking and masternodes. The use case would expand further in the future to payments for smart contracts, and the required payment method to access websites with paywalls with Gath3r implemented. Gath3r would be paid out to publishers for providing the hash rate from their websites where Gath3r would be implemented.

The staking and masternodes would lock up the tokens and reduce the circulating supply, but masternodes have not been put in place just for this purpose. The masternodes serve a vital purpose of providing decentralized servers that facilitates the data between the Gath3r network and clients. The masternodes also help lower the latency in the case of CPAAS

At launch, only 18-22% of the total supply of tokens will be unlocked for trading, most of the supply will be vested post exchange listing. The team and advisors’ tokens would be fully locked with varying locks and vesting periods (3-6 month lock for advisors, 6 month lock for team with 2 years vesting). The locks will ensure that supply is kept particularly low till the rollout of the mainnet with key demand features such as staking and masternodes where demand would begin to accelerate swiftly even as the majority of tokens would be still be vesting and not available for purchase. 

These are the latest updates from the past two weeks, stay connected until the next edition, when we will be coming back with even more exciting news.

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*Disclaimer – Gath3r are our Media Partners and therefore this content is sponsored by them. The fees paid by this project are used to pay for The Daily Chain salaries, dev work, hosting services, travel expenses etc.. that are required to make this company a success and continue to provide the community with great content on a daily basis.

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