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Hashoshi: Cardano Update, Bitcoin Price, Nexus, and more (Crypto Over Coffee 19)


Cardano Update, Bitcoin Price, Nexus, and more (Crypto Over Coffee 19)

Hashoshi delivers the latest Cardano update news, analysis of Bitcoin price metrics, and a bunch of other crypto news in the latest episode of Crypto Over Coffee! (P.S. sorry this is more of a “Saturday morning over coffee” haha)

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About Hashoshi

Hashoshi is a full-time decentralized application developer and an up and coming content creator in the blockchain & cryptocurrency space. On his YouTube channel, Hashoshi offers beginner-friendly educational content, unbiased project and product reviews, and a unique programmer’s viewpoint on current events in the world of cryptocurrency.

Hashoshi’s mission is to provide easy-to-understand educational content about even the most complex blockchain & cryptocurrency concepts, and in turn, to inspire people to join the charge towards mass adoption of this innovative technology!

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“Believe you can, and you’re halfway there” ~Theodore Roosevelt

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