HASHR8 Bonus Podcast – Alejandro De La Torre


HASHR8 Bonus Podcast – Alejandro De La Torre

Alejandro De La Torre, VP of, joins us to discuss how his team built the #1 Bitcoin mining pool in the world…twice!

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About Poolin/Blockin

Blockin is a global online platform that allows you to have access to the most innovative blockchain-based crypto currency technologies and applications. Blockin demonstrates what blockchain technology should be and how the technology will transform your lives. The platform gives you the power to gain the most out of crypto assets and leads you towards the future shaped by the blockchain technology.

Taken from the Blockin website.

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About H4SHR8

Hashr8 is the go-to source for information on cryptomining news and technology.  We produce a weekly podcast discussing cryptocurrency, mining, and blockchain tech.  Also, we draft relevant articles and reviews on all things Cryptomining. For our enterprise clients we provide facility design, outfitting, facility management and optimization services to industrial farms and data centers.








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Hashr8 provides comprehensive cryptomining solutions at scale for industrial facilities and power suppliers around the world.

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