Miles Manley, CEO of Zelcash and Zelcore, Joins the Hashr8 Team


Hashr8 are an up-and-coming name in the crypto mining space and are known for providing news, education, a podcast and much more. A company who are constantly building in the background, they are now looking to shake up the community with their new product Hashr8OS.

Hashr8OS is an operating system that allows you to seamlessly switch from coin to coin based on your rig setup and will provide the ability to find the most profitable coin to mine based on your settings.

I sat down with Whit Gibbs, Co-Founder, to discuss some of the recent acquisitions, updates and more. Below is the interview:

You recently announced on Twitter that Miles Manley, the CEO and Founder of Zelcash and Zelcore, has joined the growing Hashr8 team. Can you give your thoughts on this acquisition? 

This is huge for Hashr8, we couldn’t be happier!  Miles brings tremendous talent and experience to the team and this further strengthens our relationship with the Zelcash/Zelcore family.  

What does it mean for someone like Miles to come on board?

It’s validating in a way.  Miles has built a company for himself already.  For him to commit time to Hashr8 lets me know we’re moving in the right direction. 

You’ve stated he will be assisting with DevOps and partner integrations. What exactly does this role entail and how will it help the growth of Hashr8?

Hashr8 is a true startup, so we all wear many hats and Miles has eagerly jumped in to help with whatever he can.  I think that’s what makes him such a good fit, he’s driven and doesn’t require a ton of direction to add value in his own way.  As we continue to ramp up, Miles will work on the continuous improvement of our UX/ UI, as well as the integration of third-party features like wallets and other tools.

This new hire comes only weeks after the announcement that popular mining figure Florian Maier, or Marsmench, will be joining as a software engineer and security specialist. What does this say about your intent and ambition to hire only the best staff for Hashr8?

Hashr8’s intent is to build a reputable team of talented people with a desire to serve cryptominers everywhere.  We look for people with a good moral compass and a real desire to serve the community; those who do the right thing for the company and for our clients, even when nobody’s paying attention. Florian and Miles embody these characteristics, not to mention they’re some of the smartest people I’ve met.  

We have lucked out with regards to talent acquisition at this point.  Hopefully we have 1 or 2 more key team members we can share in the coming weeks. 

Can you talk about the overall progress of the current beta testing for the platform? 

The beta is going great!  We’ve slowly added new testers as we’re expanding our capacity to serve ASIC miners.  The countdown to launch is on and we’re stoked!

Are there any other surprises around the corner we can look forward to?

All I can say is we are hard at work to provide value-added services to the OS!  Everyone can follow us @hashr8os to stay up-to-date with our progress.

I thank Whit for his time.

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