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Project Name: Arrow

Coin Ticker: ARW

Market Cap: $119,851.81 (as of 13th February 2020)

Exchanges: SafeTrade

Mining Algorithm: Equihash 192,7

Block time: 45 seconds

Original code base: Zcash (BTC)

Founder’s reward or analog: 4.8% for first 8 years, then 0%.

Development Team:

The team is partially an anon team

Key team members include: @jayssface (Twitter) is Lead Dev. @bullyesq is also listed as co-founder.

Privacy Protocol:

How does the project protect users?

Every Arrow transaction is 100% private because every transaction is shielded by default. As technological progress moves the world away from cash, people are trading privacy for convenience. Arrow is digital cash, offering the same privacy as cash with all the benefits of a cryptocurrency.

Explain the Anonymity Sets (per txn):

Every wallet-to-wallet transaction is completely private. We are currently collaborating with @dukeleto from Hush to integrate their method for tracking shielded stats to more precisely measure Arrow’s anonymity set.

Privacy By Default:

Transactional privacy is mandatory.

% tx Anon: All non-mining transactions are anonymous.


What makes your wallet easy to use?

We have three different wallets: CLI (for experienced users / miners), full node wallet, for those who wish to host their own node, and the lite wallet, for those interested in quick syncing and usability. Additionally, we plan to launch or integrate with a mobile wallet that prioritizes UI and ease of use.

What are you doing to make the wallet more user friendly?

The ultimate aim of Arrow is to be easy enough to use that a person unfamiliar with cryptocurrency can download the wallet, set it up, and start using Arrow as a form of digital cash. We’re working towards this goal as outlined in our whitepaper and have recently seen some fantastic contributions to the code from our community. Arrow is early on in its journey to fulfilling its potential, but being user friendly is a core consideration of all development going forward.

What OSs does it support: Windows, macOS, Linux

GUI Wallet: Windows, macOS, Linux

Mobile Wallet: No

Why is privacy important to your project team?

Arrow regards privacy as a fundamental human right and believes that people across the world deserve to have the option of a truly private payment network that is permission-less, decentralized, and secure.

What makes your project stand out above other projects?

Other privacy projects are inaccessible to the masses, with little usability and poor potential mass-market penetration. Mandatory privacy, a significantly lower founders reward, and a unique approach to becoming accessible to a non-cryptocurrency audience mean that Arrow has the tools to set itself apart from other projects. We already have a fantastic community, growing by the day, who all share the same vision.

What do you have in the works for future development?

In the short term, we’re implementing Hush’s tool for tracking shielded stats and ironing out some kinks in Quiver. Long term, we’re working on the market-beating Arrow wallet with a beautiful UX that will enable Arrow to be used by anyone, easily, as digital cash.

What is the path to mass adoption of your project?

Arrow has a clear focus on enabling mass adoption through all of our future developments. We recognize that the project is early on right now but are dedicated to working towards the goals outlined in the whitepaper.

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