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Project Name: Swap

Coin Ticker: XWP

Market Cap: $314,174 (As of 21 May 2020)

Exchanges: TradeOgre, Graviex, Citex, Bkex, Qbtc,

Mining Algorithm: Cuckaroo29s

Block time: 15s

Original code base: forked from Monero

Founder’s reward or analog: None

Development Team: Sebastian Green (@sebseb7 on twitter), Long Huynh (Leafy on Discord), Reeyon, (Reeyon on Discord and github), Ryan (Kryptoxic on Github)

Privacy Protocol:

How does the project protect users? All Cryptonote and RingCT privacy features that Monero has

Explain the Anonymity Sets (per txn): Ring size of 11 like Monero

Privacy By Default: By default, can’t be turned off

% tx Anon: 100


Give us details on wallet development and features?

We have a web wallet, two GUIs, CLI, an android wallet and an iOS wallet in development.

What makes your wallet easy to use?

Because of the Cuckaroo29s algorithm that is based on MimbleWimble mining technology instead of cryptonight, the official GUI and CLI have fast syncing, less resource intensive full nodes compared to other Cryptonote projects, making it more accessible for anyone to run a full node for the best privacy. Reeyon also made a second GUI recently, the Electron GUI, which is also available to download on As for mobile wallets, we have an Android wallet in Google Play store and an iOS wallet in development. There is a Swap app under review for the Ledger hardware wallet, but for now, anyone with a Ledger Nano S can sideload the app with instructions on the Swap github wiki.

What are you doing to make the wallet more user friendly?

When iOS wallet is released along with our Android wallet we have already, transacting in Swap will be easy for anyone with a phone if they don’t want to download the GUI on their computer.

Supported OSs: Windows, Linux, Mac

GUI Wallet: 2 GUIs, the official one and the Electron one Reeyon made

Mobile: Android

What does privacy mean to you?

For me personally, I believe privacy is a fundamental human right and requirement for freedom. We should be able to have privacy, not just in our own homes, but also in our financial transactions.

Why is privacy important to your project team?

I can’t really speak for other individuals on the team, but the whole point of Swap from the beginning was about having a fairly distributed, freedom-facilitating privacy cryptocurrency and a community where everybody gets an equal voice and vote in the direction of the project.

What makes your project stand out above other projects?

The first thing is the fact that since it’s truly a community project from the beginning, there was no premine, ICO, or dev fee or fund in any way, makes Swap stand out among most other Cryptonote projects. As far as the technology and actual user experience, most Swap transactions are confirmed and spendable in under 3 minutes due to the faster block time and Cuckaroo29s algorithm. I think the faster syncing and less resource intensive full node is a big deal too since it makes running and syncing a node more accessible to people. I personally only have a laptop and my laptop syncs my Swap node way faster than my Monero one.

What do you have in the works for future development?

Besides the iOS wallet and continued GUI releases to implement Monero’s continuing upgrades in Swap, the main future goal for the project is Atomic Swaps to facilitate free exchanges out of reach from centralized power structures and corrupt “authorities”

What is the path to mass adoption of your project?

Being a community project will either be Swap’s greatest strength or weakness since we’re only as strong as the community is. A lot of people in crypto have an “invest and hold and that’s it” approach where they buy the coin and plan to just wait until the team does enough things to make the price go up. Swap is an interactive project where the responsibility is on everyone and that will prove to be either a blessing or a curse for the project.

Any additional final thoughts you want to include?

Just that I believe in this project. I have a genetic bone disease in my legs and skull and walk with crutches and am in pain all the time and living month to month off a Social Security disability check, all because my mother and father were both in the US Army in the first Gulf War and they were poisoned by depleted uranium ammunition and came home sick with Gulf War Illness like hundreds of thousands of other veterans, and had me, a kid with genetic mutation like thousands of other veterans and the Iraqi people on the receiving end of the DU ammunition. There is a system of war-for-profit and theft from all of us through taxation, and I believe cryptocurrency is one of the greatest potential tools we have to fight back peacefully and reclaim our freedom and our control over our lives. A majority of projects in the crypto space right now are structured in a centralized for-profit, sleezy way that isn’t any different from the system of control that I’m trying to get away from. Swap is a project that has been about returning to the most basic original values that cryptocurrency started out with, of an uncensorable, private, free, fair medium of exchange and store of value that exists to empower the human race in the fight against all these dark slimy entities who have been robbing us and poisoning us and sending us to our deaths in wars that only exist to enrich them. Whether the US dollar price of Swap moons or goes to goblin town, there is a group of people who came together because we valued freedom and privacy and fairness, and we have drawn a line.

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