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Marketing and growth isn’t a secret. It’s a formula. There are a lot of components, but when they are all put together, something amazing happens. 

Every brand needs ‘ambassadors’ or ‘brand champions’. These are individuals that are infatuated with the brand. They love and respect the brand and want nothing more than to be a part of its growth and success. 

These individuals are paramount to the growth of a product or business. They care. They’re involved in communities. They understand the current landscape. As a result, they are not just a great spokesperson for a brand, they’re also a valuable resource. Brands can tap into their champions for market research, product ideas, marketing assistance, community building and so much more. 

In cryptocurrency this is especially true. This entire space is running underground – there aren’t that many people outside of cryptocurrency that get brought in. However, there are tonnes of crypto investors that are always on the lookout for new promising projects, which is why community and brand champions are so important. 

This is why Kleros is taking the initiative to take their communities to the next level using Envoys and Heralds in something they call the Guild of Justice. But it’s not just designed to grow within crypto. The Guild could take Kleros and transcend this entire industry. Here’s how it works. 

The Guild of Justice

The Guild of Justice is a new program launched by Kleros, aiming to grow the global community even farther and enlighten more and more people about decentralized justice. 

This program is just another part of Kleros’ ongoing effort to grow their community and brand through grassroots activity – something that is fairly unorthodox in cryptocurrency, which is great to see. 

This map shows the impressive reach of Kleros so far and it’s only the beginning. (click here for an interactive map). 

The origins of the Guild

The value of the community is never overlooked by Kleros. They recognise that their product has been shaped by the input and feedback of their loyal supporters and they wouldn’t be where they are today without them.

The Guild can be viewed as a new path for passionate community members to forge ahead alongside the Kleros team. It provides the opportunity for loyal, valuable individuals to grow closer to the team, provide more contributions and continue to help spread the word of decentralized justice. The effectiveness of each official contributor will be assessed and rewarded accordingly. As valuable as this is for Kleros, it is also a great opportunity for the Kleros community to network and also be rewarded for the effort they provide. 

Envoys and Heralds

The Guild is divided into two degrees, Envoys and Heralds. Both parties will have access to all the resources needed to become successful Kleros ambassadors. There will be tools, materials and necessary training provided, as well as a direct line to the Kleros team for efficient communication. 

Envoys are community builders. To become one you need to prove yourself to the team by showing a strong knowledge of Kleros and how it all works. If you pass the test, you’ll have a number of key responsibilities including managing and growing regional telegram groups, geographically targeted content creation and meet up organization, both in person and online. 

On the other hand, Heralds are hand picked from Kleros’ Fellowship of Justice, which is an existing initiative to find the best curious minds that then join the Fellowship to help progress Kleros and decentralized justice. Heralds are in charge of increasing Kleros awareness and pushing adoption, which can be done in many ways including hosting speeches, building media relationships and conducting business development.

What does this mean for Kleros, decentralized justice and crypto as a whole?

Kleros is one of the few crypto companies that is managing progression with what can be referred to as a hybrid approach. They aren’t just solely focussed on the crypto economy, with the hope of pushing outwards for adoption. Instead, they are bringing in industry professionals from outside of crypto to further the word of their work and, at the same time, receiving industry leading advice.

It’s refreshing to see initiatives that are designed to break down the boundaries between crypto and the outside tech world, especially when the product solves a real problem. Kleros could be a real asset to many people. 

The Guild of Justice embodies this hybrid mentality, with two key focuses:

  1. Internal community growth designed to nurture supporters and foster new relationships within crypto
  2. External business development to put Kleros in-front of key industry players

With this strategy, Kleros could be on to a winner. Providing they can get the right people onboard and incentivize them to continue working hard, it will be interesting to see where the Guild takes us. It’s possible that programs such as this could spark the growth of crypto outside of this ‘bubble’ we’re living in. 

What else is in the pipeline? 

Furthering their community marketing outreach, Kleros are adding more Dapps to their mainnet portfolio including a fully decentralized translation platform, Linguo and the hugely powerful GTCR (Generalized Token Curated Registry), which are both scheduled to arrive in the next month or so.

For more updates, follow Kleros on Twitter.

Alex Aves
Alex is a crypto enthusiast that has been enthralled with the crypto space for over two years now. He currently works in the marketing team for Liquid, one of the leading crpytocurrency exchanges.

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