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Whitney Gibbs is the CEO and Co-founder of Hashr8 – a multifaceted company with a focus on cryptomining and education. Whit with his team run Hashr8 with a vision to create the first globally-known and universally-trusted brand in consumer cryptomining, providing honest content, excellent products, and unparalleled customer service.

They also have the Hashr8 Podcast, which we have featured on The Daily Chain, Hashr8 OS and the Ohio Innovation Project.

In this interview I sat down with Whit to find out about the various projects he’s working on and the longer term vision of Hashr8.

Whitney Gibbs, Whit Gibbs, BitcoinBroski
Whitney Gibbs, Co-Founder of Hashr8

Alex Libetas: Over the last six months the Hashr8 team seems to have organically grown since inception. Can you explain the current structure of the team and what each individual brings to the company?

Whit: Thanks for making time for this interview, Alex.  We’ve enjoyed working with you all at The Daily Chain over the last 6 months. You guys are a class act.

Crypto Chris Walken, WhaleBearMan, and I initially started the Hashr8 Podcast because we felt content provided to the mining community was lacking. As we had more conversations on-and-off air, we realized there was a big opportunity to better serve Cryptominers by providing not only content, but also products and services to help them start mining faster and be more profitable at the outset.  In April we opened discussions with MeanHash and decided to move forward with the company’s formation.

The Hashr8 founders have very different backgrounds, and we have come to realize that our talents are complementary to each other.   My background is in management and business development. Walken has been mining since 2011 and is arguably one of the most knowledgeable home miners in crypto.  WhaleBearMan has a telecom background, and has ran his own mining farm in Washington since 2016. MeanHash manages some of the largest data centers in the world and sits on a global advisory committee which helps corporations develop data protection strategies.  

Aside from the core team, we have a number of new team members and partners. We’ve got some exciting announcements in the coming weeks! 

For those who are only familiar with the Hashr8 Podcast, can you provide some details about the other services you provide?

Absolutely, thanks for asking! We have been working on a couple of exciting projects since inception.  

Our team’s primary focus is Hashr8 OS, our new operating system which launches in October of this year.  Through a partnership with an amazing team of developers, and taking into account our years of mining experience, we have created a product which we feel will best serve all miners, at home and at scale.  We are currently in the final stages of our closed beta and the feedback we’ve received so far has been great!  

Through a fortuitous turn of events, Hashr8 has also partnered with a local government in Ohio to create the Ohio Innovation Project. This project will see us establish a cryptomining facility in rural Ohio and funnel profits back to programs for kids, tech workshops for local businesses, and an accelerator program for aspiring entrepreneurs. The participating city and the State of Ohio have both been great to work with, and we’re grateful to have them as allies as we push this lofty project forward. 

Hashr8, Hashr8 OS, Ohio Innovation Project

In your opinion, what are the current issues with the crypto mining industry and how do you think Hashr8 can alleviate some of these pain points?

We feel the cryptomining community as a whole represents the best aspects of the cryptocurrency space. You have genius developers and gritty marketing teams looking to build something literally from scratch, often with only sweat-equity invested and no major financial backers. The resourcefulness is admirable.

Where we find the need for improvement is with companies providing goods and services to Cryptominers. Power companies use bait-and-switch tactics on small miners, causing their power prices to skyrocket and their profitability to plummet.  Existing software providers have grown complacent after amassing millions in revenues, leaving miners to configure workarounds for their issues, all while offering the worst customer service imaginable.  

While Hashr8 is not yet in a position to take on the power companies, we know we can change the narrative about cryptomining software.  We believe that not only should software work on mining rigs but it should work for rig operators – with a dedicated team behind the scenes working constantly to enhance the operator’s experience.

Hashr8, Cryptomining for the masses
Hashr8 – ‘Cryptomining For The Masses’

The Hashr8 Podcast has gained quite a following and you have interviewed some notable guests. What are your plans for expanding the brand? Are you exploring different avenues?

We really love doing the podcast and we are incredibly humbled to have a loyal pack of listeners.  Season 2 just wrapped and we’ve started planning Season 3. Miners can expect some educational episodes focused on different elements of cryptomining, with a healthy mix of interviews, and the NSFW banter people have come to expect from us.  

Fans of the show can also expect to see a ramp up in media over the next couple of months, as we will soon start to produce content for Twitch and YouTube very soon.

Crypto Walken has the most active mining Discord community in the industry. His focus has always been on education and providing people with the right tools they need to learn about mining. Can you explain why you think education in this space is so important, particularly when it comes to mining?

Walken and his Discord admins do a great job of fielding questions and helping as many miners as they can.  Proof of Walken is currently adding about 100 new miners every 4 days. That growth is a testament to the time they put in to serving the community.  

Hashr8’s focus stems from the belief that in life and in business, education always precedes income.  Mining is a business.  You wouldn’t, or shouldn’t, invest thousands of dollars before doing proper research.  We want Cryptominers to rest assured that if they plug into Hashr8, we’ll guide them to the right resources to fast track their profitability.  

Everyone is excited for the upcoming release of Hashr8 OS. What details can you currently tell us about this project?

We will consistently improve upon the OS but at launch users can expect the following features: new mining software integration without updating the image, comprehensive reporting, quick pool switching, overclock, power, and fan controls, farm management tools, mobile applications for iOS and Android users, and best-in-class customer service and support.  

We are excited for the OS to be released to the public so that people can provide us with their honest feedback.  Ultimately we are an OS by miners for miners, so ALL feedback will be taken into account and implementation will be prioritized.

I’d like to thank Whit for his time.

Alex Libertas

For more information on Hashr8 see below:

Hashr8 is the go-to source for information on cryptomining news and technology. We produce a weekly podcast discussing cryptocurrency, mining, and blockchain tech. We also build innovative cryptomining software for use by all miners, at home and at scale. Hashr8 believes that an investment in mining pays the best interest and we strive to help every cryptominer get properly informed so they can fast-track their profitability.








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