J.K. Rowling’s Tweet Goes Viral as The Author Reveals Her Curiosity on Bitcoin


On May 15th, 2020, J.K. Rowling — the best-selling author behind the revered book series “Harry Potter” — expressed interest in the cryptocurrency world in an unexpected way. In a new viral tweet, Rowling disclosed that she’s looking for someone to explain what bitcoin is and how it works.

The tweet triggered a deluge of responses from the crypto community, all trying to define the leading cryptocurrency by explaining how it works and why it’s relevant. 

With over 14 million followers, Rowling’s inquisitive response about the world of bitcoin has already managed to gather hundreds of retweets and about thousands of likes. 

In response to Rowling, Elon Musk noted via twitter that massive fiat currency issuance by governments and central banks made bitcoin “sound solid by comparison.”

The best-selling author then tweeted that the barter system was easier for her to understand. Still, despite her best efforts to learn about bitcoin, words like ‘collectibles, tokenomics and blockchains’ are enough for her to become clueless.

This caused a lot of backlash from some in the crypto community, most of who ridiculed the writer until she finally tweeted:

OK, OK, OK. You guys win. I just bought my first #Bitcoin!”


Twitter Goes Gaga After Rowling Tweet

Since JK Rowling’s tweet about bitcoin, the crypto community has gone gaga with various users trying to find analogies with magic, alcohol, gold, and numerous other scenarios to explain how digital currencies work. 

For instance, a user by the name Neeraj explained that bitcoin is “magical internet money” while GreenEggsnHam tried to clarify that BTC “allows moving money without a 3rd party intermediary (bank).”

Big names like Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, also took a shot to explain bitcoin to the famous author. Vitalk tweeted:

Since after WHO published a report that banknotes have been the most notorious medium of spreading the coronavirus, digital payments have been considered a safer option. 

Unfortunately, bitcoin and cryptocurrency are not that easy to understand, perhaps one of the reasons why it is not currently as popular with the mainstream public. This lack of awareness came out interestingly courtesy of JK Rowling on Twitter.

Other Billionaires Are Getting Into Bitcoin 

J.K. Rowling is the latest billionaire to create a buzz with her tweet, but she is far from the only prominent personality bringing bitcoin to the attention of the masses. 

Paul Tudor Jones, who is one of the best crypto investors in the world, revealed last week that he is investing in bitcoin.

Paul’s reason, like Elon Musk, was that he fears the central bank’s response to the current recession will make scarce assets all the more sensible.

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