Justin Sun hints at a Billion Dollar Partnership


Justin Sun, the founder of popular cryptocurrency TRON (TRX), is well known for hyping up the community with his announcements and announcements about announcements. He has built an entire community of followers which has made TRON quite popular.

Sun had even issued a public apology back in after he postponed the highly publicized charity lunch with billionaire Warren Buffett. He had then referred to himself as “immature, naïve, and impulsive,” and as having a “big mouth.” He said this led to “out-of-control and failed over-marketing hype and led to a significant series of unexpected consequences.”  

Now, it looks like he’s back again with another one of his massive announcements and this time he’s teasing a new Tron partnership while the market is back in the green zone. On October 25, Justin Sun took to twitter to excite his followers with an announcement that has no details of what the partnership is about or who is it with.

This time Sun has said that TRON will soon be partnering with a “megacorporation” which is supposedly valued at $100 billion. He then went on to ask his followers to guess what that company was. The Tweet says:

“TRON will partner with a hundred billion USD megacorporation next week. It will not only benefit $TRX but all TRC10&20 tokens including $BTT & $WIN etc. It will broadly distribute TRON Dapps and tokens to billions of customers. TBA. Make a guess?”

Alongside being considered a marketing specialist Sun has also been accused of buying twitter followers. Earlier this September, crypto market commentator Josh Rager accused Sun of buying 5000 to 6000 twitter followers every day. Rager then said:

“Looks like you’re still buying 5,000 to 6,000 followers per day. My favorite stat is how you went from losing net-negative followers per month to gaining 5k followers daily like clock work in late 2018.”

He has also touted his connections to the Chinese government right after President Xi Jingping announced that China will be supporting blockchain based platforms to enhance industries ranging from finance to food safety. Sun announced:

“As the leading global #blockchain protocol originally developed by the Chinese, TRON is thrilled that President Xi endorsed us to seize the opportunity of blockchain. #TRON & #BitTorrent will continue partnering w/ conglomerate giants in China. $TRX $BTT”

There is more to this, TRON had recently acquired a file-sharing pioneer technology BitTorrent. Simon Morris, who was an executive at BitTorrent for almost ten years said in an interview with BreakerMag that there’s “no way” the TRON blockchain can handle the transaction volume needed to tokenize BitTorrent. He further explained:

“It seems they’re going in the same direction [as our plan],But what’s very clear is that they’re going to say they’re going in the same direction, come what may, because that’s what Tron does…it’s basically a marketing machine layered on a very thin veneer of technology.”

Anna Larsen
Anna Larsen has been a Crypto enthusiast since 2016. Fascinated by the technology and its usecases she decided to pursue a career in content creation related to this space. The journey has been exciting ever since.

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