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Komodo Core Team Members and Esports Superstar to join RedFOX Labs



RedFOX Labs are Southeast Asia’s first ever blockchain venture builder built with Komodo’s technology platform. Their goal is to build out and incubate market leading business models in emerging markets. Their unique build using an incubator model to enhance proven business models, as well as refine, customise and integrate open source blockchain technologies, resulting in ready to launch, market leading applications & startups.

An increasing level of excitement is beginning to build around the project, particularly within the Komodo community, as they are looking to utilise Komodo Platforms to bring mass adoption of blockchain technology to the public.

CEO Ben Fairbank has previously stated that he believes the future of blockchain will see the technology run seamlessly in the background with the end user not even being aware that the application or service they are using is supported by blockchain technology. Using Komodo’s proprietary tech will allow RedFOX to utilise all the benefits of their blockchain whilst simultaneously bringing new users and customers to the Komodo ecosystem.

All Star Cast

The team at RedFOX is rapidly evolving and last week they announced on Twitter that James Lee, known as ‘JL777’ and the founder and lead developer for Komodo, would be joining as a technical advisor. Of this acquisition the team said “He is widely regarded as one of the sharpest technical minds in blockchain and we are better for having him on our journey.”

Days earlier they had also announced the acquisition of Arclegger to also join the team on the advisory board. Arclegger is widely respected in the gaming community and is seen as one of the godfathers of the battle royale genre having been the senior game developer for H1Z1. Since then the gaming industry has seen an explosion in battle royale games such as Apex, Fortnite and PubG.

Aside from being well respected in the gaming community, Arclegger is also an avid crypto supporter and the team had this to say “With the recent blockchain gaming developments on Komodo Platform, we can’t wait to utilise his expertise as we push the boundaries of blockchain gaming together”.

We can now report that Kadan Stadelmann has joined RedFOX Labs as Chief Technical Officer and will provide his expertise in a variety of fields to directly benefit the RedFOX and Komodo ecosystems alike. Of the acquisition of Kadan they said “a deep technical understanding of the project, its technology and the specific expertise required to ensure the technical success of RedFOX Labs future projects.”

The team also stated that there is no conflict of interest between Kadan working for both RedFOX and Komodo as he will be “contributing and guiding all upstream development for RedFOX Labs, ultimately strengthening Komodo as an open source project.”

They continue to add “there are many synergies and benefits that will be realized thanks to his involvement. This allows him to continue as a key contributor and senior manager of the open source project Komodo.”

Join RedFOX Labs in their Telegram and follow them on Twitter.

To read this article in Russian, please click here. A special thank you to Valeria, LCS Community Manager, for translating this.

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