Komodo’s Long-Anticipated AtomicDEX Enters Public Beta


Komodo announced today that AtomicDEX, “the world’s first mobile-native asset-agnostc atomic swap DEX”, is now in public beta and anybody is free to download the app on Android today, and iOS starting this weekend.

AtomicDEX currently supports many cryptocurrencies with plans to include many more. To be clear all the trades or “swaps” you make on the decentralized exchange are real, even with the playful tokens Rick and Morty which are included on the DEX so users can learn how it works.

AtomicDEX supported coins

As CTO Kadan Stadelmann aka ca333 explains:

Even Rick and Morty trades are real swaps — this is a production/live DEX network. No testnet. However, still considered beta-stage.

“The Holy Grail of our industry”, a truly decentralized exchange using atomic swaps has been years in the making (since 2013) as was recently highlighted in this Forbes article making today’s announcement a huge milestone for the Komodo platform and the cryptocurrency space as a whole.

The Komodo Dev Team recently released version 0.1.7 of AtomicDEX. This latest release is a public beta, meaning that anyone can download and begin testing AtomicDEX!

@KomodoPlatform – Twitter

Below you can find some recently released screenshots of the mobile app. A detailed review is also in the pipeline and shall be released shortly.

The Android app can be downloaded here and more information about atomic swaps can be found in Binance Academy’s Atomic Swaps Explained

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