KuCoin Opens Trading Services for DAG/USDT Trading Pairs


On 15 November 2019, KuCoin announced on their official blog the opening of trading services for the trading pairs DAG/USDT, which will officially open on 18 November.

In the announcement, KuCoin stated that the move was inspired by the request of the Constellation Project, the only blockchain technology in the world that was developed for Big Data. Mateo Gold, VP Of Finance at Constellation stated:

“The usdt pair increases the ability for customers to onboard in a more risk free and liquid environment and thus ease the adoption and usage of the token in our data economy“

KuCoin Renames the DAI Project to SAI

The announcement adds to a list of recent developments that KuCoin has been undertaking in the past two weeks. KuCoin recently stated that they had renamed the DAI project as SAI. 

KuCoin stated that they would temporarily close deposit and withdrawal for DAI to ensure the smooth release of the renaming process and has assured users of the complete safety of their assets.

KuCoin Give Users KCS Winter Gift Giveaways and Trading Competitions

KuCoin, which has over five million users globally, offers a safe and rapid Bitcoin purchase and is one of the cryptocurrency exchanges with the lowest trading fees.  KuCoin has also combined this quality by providing a swift withdrawal system and multilingual services, and global 24/7 customer support services.

KuCoin also recently announced a MarcoPolo (MAP) trading competition to celebrate MarcoPolo being listed on the KuCoin, in a campaign scheduled to run for five days starting from 25 November: 

 “We will launch a trading competition together with the MarcoPolo Project to give away a reward pool of 300000 MAO to qualified KuCoin users.”

KuCoin also announced the completion of the distribution of winter gift giveaways to users who paid trading fees using KCS. KuCoin Shares (KCS) are the ecological token for KuCoin Exchange (ERC-20), built on Ethereum blockchain technology. The ERC-20 token features a total supply of 200 million KCS that will not be “reissued in non-special cases”.

About KuCoin

KuCoin Exchange, which has also been dubbed as The People’s Exchange, is a global crypto-exchange for various cryptocurrencies and digital assets. KuCoin was launched in September 2017 to provide customers with exceptionally secure and convenient exchange services and transactions for digital assets.

KuCoin uses advanced KuCoin API, which they use to develop and secure and programmatic strategy for trading smoothly and efficiently, which makes them better and different. KuCoin has also integrated premium assets around and constructed a state-of-the-art transactions platform.

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