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LoopBlock Network Launches as African Interest in Blockchain Grows


LoopBlock Network is an African based AI and Blockchain Company. Founded in 2017 by Mr.Johnson Daniel Jonah as the CEO and CTO, Mr Keith Mali Chung as the President, and Mr Silverson Uzochukwu as the CFO. LoopBlock Network Ltd is registered under the Co-operate Affairs Commission (CAC) Nigeria.

LoopBlock Network aims at building AI powered superior blockchain to power Decentralized applications and Decentralized Smart contracts, we are currently focused in the African Market.

We see the huge Potential of Blockchain Technology in Africa and plan to build and pioneer the Blockchain growth in Africa and the globe. We are currently working on some various Blockchain project, namely: BASIC-CHAIN blockchain, SWIRGE, SWIRGE MARKETPLACE, SWIRGE WALLET and more projects which will be announced to the public soon.

BASIC-CHAIN Blockchain.

BASIC-CHAIN Blockchain is a Decentralized AI Powered Smart contract Blockchain. It is a powerful Blockchain built to solve the problems in the Blockchain Technology Space. Problems like;

SCALABILITY ISSUSES: With an unlimited Block size and a Block confirmation time of 0.5 Sec, BASIC-CHAIN Blockchain is built to scale, it is built to handle over 500,000 Transactions in 0.5 Sec, and handle an unlimited number of Decentralized Applications on its network.

SECURITY ISSUES:  BASIC-CHAIN Blockchain is equipped with a QUARK security Algorithm giving it a security layer of more than eight(8) different Algorithms. As an AI powered Blockchain, BASIC-CHAIN Blockchain can automatically switch between its eight(8) Powerful security Algorithms(SHA256,SHA356,etc.) at the current given situation to keep its network very secure. Also BASIC-CHAIN Blockchain is equipped with the Byzantine Fault Tolerance Algorithm, making the Blockchain un-forkable and preventing issues like double spending on its network.

DECENTRALIZATION ISSUSES: BASIC-CHAIN Blockchain is completely decentralized. Using a Block producing structure of PoW/PoS everyone can participate in mining and  securing the network. BASIC-CHAIN Blockchain is also ASIC resistant, meaning that CPU’s and GPU’s can mine and secure its network. BASIC-CHAIN Blockchain is a very unique Blockchain. A user’s address is tagged to a specific Username, making the use of the Blockchain as simple, easy, fast and secure as possible. BASIC-CHAIN Blockchain was built for Blockchain widespread adoption. With an easy structure to understand, use and interact with. One of the unique features of BASIC-CHAIN Blockchain is delegating space to its users. Each BASIC-CHAIN local Cryptocurrency called BASIC is a free Storage volume of 100MB each, which can be used to store data. This is made so to create an important use case for the BASIC cryptocurrency. The more storage space a user needs to deploy his/her Decentralized Application the more BASIC Coins the user needs to hold and lock in other to delegate such space memory. Once the user unlocks these coins the information stored in them are immediately removed from the coin and converted into a compressed log file and for ever stored on the Blockchain, thereby freeing the BASIC Coins memory to be used again.

In Summary Some of our ground breaking features include:

1.An AI Powered Blockchain 

2.Free Rate Limited Transactions 

3.Low Latency Block confirmation(0.5seconds) 

4.Low-over head Byzantine Fault Tolerant Finality 

5.Designed for optional high-overhead, low-latency BFT finality 

6.Smart contract platform powered by WebAssembly 

7.Designed for Sparse Header Light Client Validation 

8.Scheduled Recurring Transactions 

9.Time Delay Security 

10.Hierarchical Role Based Permissions 

11.Support for Biometric Hardware Secured Keys (e.g.Apple Secure Enclave) 

12.Designed for Parallel Execution of Context Free Validation Logic 

13.Designed for Inter Blockchain Communication 

For more information on BASIC-CHAIN please check out our Technical whitepaper on:

And our GitHub Account on:

SWIRGE is a Decentralized Application built on the BASIC-CHAIN Blockchain. Swirge uses the Powerful BASIC-CHAIN Blockchain as a Database to read, write and store data. Swirge owns its local cryptocurrency called OKU Coins which is used to reward its users for being active on the Social media platform. You can earn OKU coins for doing activities like Posting, Commenting and even Playing games on Swirge. Every day, the Swirge blockchain mints new OKU tokens and adds them to a community’s “rewards pool”. These tokens are then awarded to users for their contributions, based on the likes that their content receives, likes they give and the time spent on the platform. It doesn’t cost anything to use It is free to post, comment, and vote on contents on You might even get paid for it! is completely secure and decentralized you own your content, your account and privacy.

Swirge aims to decentralize the internet, giving back the power of privacy and control to the people. Swirge also aims to incentivize the use of the internet by properly rewarding users, instead of using the current principle of making people the products, which the internet giants do, we will acknowledge the users as customers whom deserve to be rewarded for their contributions to the internet platform. is currently on Public Beta with over 200 users currently. public beta was launched on the 25th of September 2019.


Swirge Marketplace is a completely free Marketplace, where Sellers connect with Buyers. Sellers can sell almost any product on Swirge Marketplace ranging from Electronics down to Services. Users can post free classified ads on Swirge Marketplace like Jobs and Services. All data on Swirge Marketplace are written to the BASIC-CHAIN Blockchain making Swirge Marketplace a Decentralized Marketplace.

Swirge Marketplace is connected to Swirge Social media. One account gives you access to all Decentralized applications built on the BASIC-CHAIN Blockchain. 

Swirge Marketplace is on Public Beta and was launched on the 10th November 2019. 


Swirge Wallet is a Decentralized wallet Built on the BASIC-CHAIN Blockchain. With Swirge Wallet you own your private keys, you own and control your wallet. Swirge Wallet supports BASIC-CHAIN’s Local cryptocurrency as well as other popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can send and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, Basic, OKU and many other cryptocurrencies which Swirge Wallet supports. You can also send and receive various local fiat currencies like the USDollar, British Pounds, Nigerian Naira, etc using Swirge Wallet. You can quickly exchange your cryptocurrencies to any local fiat currency supported on Swirge Wallet, it is Fast, easy and secure. All transactions on Swirge Wallet can be viewed on the BASIC-CHAIN’s Public ledger. Swirge Wallet also support Private Send like Dash and Monero.

Swirge Wallet is still currently under development with a launch roadmap date of 1st quarter 2020.    

We are currently working and still improving all our products to best suit our users. Our aim is to pioneer the African Blockchain Sector as well as the world. The future is in Decentralization and we plan to make using the blockchain as easy as signing up a FaceBook account.

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