McAfee’s Ghost Coin Promotes Real User Adoption


On June 28, 2020, the John McAfee-backed privacy token dubbed “Ghost Coin” inked a deal with ivendPay to start being used as a payment option for Hong Kong vending machines.

Ghost Coin, a proof-of-stake privacy coin, can now be used in over 60 vending machines around Hong Kong, along with those in Hong Kong Disneyland. 

Ghost announced on Twitter that it had partnered with the crypto payment system ivendPay to deploy the coin in a move to foster real user adoption of cryptocurrencies. 

“When we 1st launched $GHOST, our vision was not only to focus on #Privacy but also on real user adoption,” Ghost commented on Twitter. 

The privacy coin, along with the Ghost distributed exchange, went live on Jun. 22, effectively replacing the McAfeeDEX distributed exchange after its successful Mainnet launch. 

Ghost Coin under Intense Scrutiny

Ghost coin launched amid an ongoing controversy that claims sections of its white paper were copied from PIVX, which is an open-source privacy coin. 

When asked if Ghost “copy-pasted” portions of PIVX’s white paper, McAfee admitted they did but argued that PIVX itself was a fork from DASH. 

PIVX contended that its white paper is copyrighted, which prompted McAfee to accuse them of attempting to claim that their source code is public domain. Still, the description of how it all works, which is essentially the white paper, is not. 

He went further to threaten pressing charges against the open-source privacy coin, accusing them of defamation. 

In turn, PIVX dismissed the threat of legal action, suggesting it might be impossible for McAfee to push through with it as he’s in exile. Moreover, the PIVX team warned that Ghost aligned its specs with the Zercoin Protocol, which they claim is defective and vulnerable to attacks.

As the heated battle continued, PIVX took to twitter to state that their whitepaper wasn’t open source, and even if it were, Ghost would be mandated to credit and attribute the sources as stated under the MIT license. 

In their defense, Ghost representatives admitted that their code is forked from PIVX but has since made a lot of improvements to the original protocol. 

IvendPay to Collaborate With Large Vending Networks

IvendPay, the payment system that allows accepting payments in cryptocurrency in vending machines and points of sale (PoS), has shown its commitment to fostering the widespread use of crypto after the new alliance with Ghost coin.

According to Sergey Danilov, the founder of ivendPay, crypto holders are well aware of listing benefits in the payment system for automatic and retail trade. 

The payments company is set to enter more negotiations with large vendors, particularly in East Asia, to allow their vending machines to start accepting cryptocurrency payments. 

Wayne Jones
Wayne is a Blockchain enthusiast and expert in crypto trading. Currently, I cover trendy issues on digital currencies.

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